When no means no

All around the country we're seeing budget cuts as the result of the current rcession. This ultimately reduces the amount of taxes paid in to local, state, and federal coffers. Less people working means less people buying things, means less taxes being collected. Its the way things work.

The largest public school system in the state has announced that, due to budgetary constraints, they will need to eliminate some jobs within the school district. The result was as expected. The MTEA (Milwaukee Teacher's Education Association) is upset and the teachers themselves showed up to protest the cuts. Last I've heard, it appears there are as many as 89 jobs opened back up.

Let me be clear about my issues with this. I respect the work that our teachers perform. There are many devoted educators out there that work minor miricles every day.....

and here it comes.....BUT!

Lets put this out there. MPS is not a successful school district. There are success stories that come from MPS but I believe that this happens IN SPITE of the daily doings of the people in charge of the district. The school board is unfocused and out of touch. The MTEA has put up a roadblack to anything that comes close to holding our teachers accountable for performance. The administrators continue to inneffective despite the amount of them in the district. Just check the papers for the most recent brawl or drop out statistic.

So where do we go? They all point in the same direction. At you and me, shoving their hand in your face with the same smug indifference they have for ages. After all, its for the kids, right? Pay up, or you don't care.

Enough is enough. There is waste throughout the district. There are unqualified individuals in positions of administration throughout. The teachers union continues to swat at anything that looks like reform of any sort.

We are told that you cannot blame the students, everyone has the ability to learn. Ok, makes sense. We are told that you can't blame the teachers, they are working as hard as they can. Ok, in many cases I can see this argument. Then where do we look?

The only answer I can come up with is the district administration and the union brass. The unstoppable force and the immovable object. Maybe its time to stop whining and start producing something of note besides protest signs and press releases.

The trough is empty.

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