Day 1 Part 1 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

West Allis, State Fair

Another year, another set of blogs!

Using the method of the mainstream media (and their fascination with reporting about the end of the world based on a very small sampling) I predict that State Fair attendance will be significantly lower this year.  

Wanna know how I come to that?

There were no cars parked on the street (in the legal parking spaces) when I left for work this morning.  Last year, the spots were filling in quite well.  The closest that I saw of any activity at 7:30 this morning was an older couple waiting for mass transit on 84th & Cleveland, no question they were Fair bound (the fanny packs and her visor gave them away).

The lawn still has it's pinstripes (which hopefully will be rectified, soon), the garage can hold two cars, the signs and flags are on the porch, water bottles are in the fridge, and I think we are ready to go.

Now all we need are those precious bundles of joy - who used to fight over the privilege of waiving in cars - to find it in their hearts to come home and do what they're told.  Sigh.

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