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So Mortified West Allis Resident... Did you squeeze every last car on your yard (like Santa's Elf said)?  Do you recall getting quite the largess at Christmastime?  I know I was regularly shafted.  Methinks that Santa's Elf has us confused.  Did you enjoy playing with my Super Toe Football, my GI Joe action figure and my Rock 'em Sock'em Robots?  Sigh.  It explains a lot.  (Side note; read the very last comment here.)

Day 2 of 11 has come and gone, and as the last car takes up residence on my front lawn (and I look at the weather forecast), I long for those halcyon days of yesterday and today.  Absolutely perfect weather for the first two days of the Fair, and though tomorrow won't be too bad... well, here comes another half-dozen hot, muggy days

How do people enjoy this weather?  How did every resident of the southeastern United States NOT migrate to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (as I enter this blog, is 70F with a 43F dew point) or Red Deer, Alberta (which is a cool 15 degrees.  Unfortunatly, that is celcius, but it sounds good!) by now?  I mean, the first 20 muggy, uncomfortable days were kind of kitcsh, but its getting old... and we're 1000 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.  Enough already.  This latest humid spell broke for only two stinkin' days.  (Side note; I promise - Lord Almighty do I promise - that I will never, ever, EVER complain about it being too cold.  Take a snort of brandy and add a few layers, and there is no cold weather that couldn't be successfully managed.)

The total car park tally is at 17 today, for a two day total of 32.  That is very good for the first two days, considering that heavy rains last year on the first Friday made lawn parking irrelevant.  

Although I theoretically love my Sister-in-law, Knobbleknees, she chose tomorrow as the date for our family birthday party, so I've asked a neighbor to park cars in our yard for a split of the funds.  She can't park any worse than the kids did today while I was at work.

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