Day 4 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

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I am at the place this year that I am the same time every year... I am almost out of things to say, because I haven't gotten to attend the State Fair, yet, and how much can I really talk about parking cars?  Also, nothing spectacular has happened at the Fair to date (unless you consider a blown motor on the Sky Glider to be "spectacular".)

But my promise to you, Gentle Readers, is that I will prattle on for 11 days, so a-prattlin' we go!

The rain Sunday morning seemed to push everything back a little, as when I left a little before 9:00 AM to take (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Son, Mitten, to work, it was still pouring.  Most Sunday mornings during the two weekends of the Fair, the legal street parking is taken well before that time, but yesterday very few spots were taken.  I was able to park my car less than a block from home.

One of my Poker Buddies, I'll call him Pat, had previously asked for a gratis parking spot for around 10:00 AM.  The rain kept him away until 11:00, and when he arrived, there was still no buzz in the neighborhood.  That allowed me to complete my blog entry for Day 3.

Once the buzz started, around 1:00 PM, neighborhood traffic was steady for a few hours.  We were able to fill all of our spots (including Pat's, as he left early enough to flip his spot) by 3:30 PM.  Two other customers also left early enough to turn over the spots, albeit at a discounted rate (because I was so damned tired of being bit by mosquitoes).

For the day, we parked 14 revenued cars (for a four-day total of 59, which is well ahead of last year's total of 34 after four days).  Better still is that this year's revenue is only $30 less than all of 2009.

While My-Sugar-Na and I were planning our New York City trip, we discussed taking the kids somewhere on a mini-vacation.  Mitten will be leaving for UW Oshkosh in a few weeks and (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Stepson, Grizzley will be 18 this fall.  This really is the last summer for a "family" vacation, so we batted a couple ideas of what to do.  The idea that almost happened but didn't make the cut was a ride to the Iowa State Fair (which happens to conclude the week after Wisconsin's) and to the YMCA's Aquatic Center in Marshalltown.

In planning (and not knowing how much parking revenue we'd have) we were concerned about the cost to go to Iowa, so we decided on the old new standby, the Wisconsin Dells.  Specifically, Mt. Olympus has both a land and water park, and the hotel we've chosen gives us free passes.  

With the higher-than-expected parking revenue, we should have money left over after the Dells. Pat told My-Sugar-Na that it would fortify my Las Vegas fund.   She, however, was less than impressed with that idea!

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