Day 5 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

Milwaukee Brewers, My-Sugar-Na, State Fair, West Allis

Not too much to report today.  I went to work at 7:15 AM, returned around midnight, as I went to dinner and the Brewers game (Side note; John Axford has blown two saves this season... both were games in which I attended.)

My-Sugar-Na reported that we parked 2 cars today at a whopping $3 each (bringing the five day total to 61 cars.  According to my beautiful bride, there was very little neighborhood traffic all day and more often than not there was a legal space available right across from our house on the street.  Hearing that tells me that we were fortunate to make that $6.

After Tuesday, I should have a pretty good blog.  I am leaving work around Noon to go to the State Fair and enjoy the Crazy Grazin' Day.  Last year we tried to fit all of our grazing into a couple of hours after work.  Hopefully this year we can spread it out and not pile apple struedel, onion rings, root beer float and a rueben sandwich on top of each other within about 30 minutes.

One can hope, at least!

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