Day 6 Part 1 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

Special iPhone update -

I am at the Fair right now.  I found the absolute best food buy at the Fair... and at Crazy Grazin' day its even better!  At the Usinger's booth inside the Wisconsin Products Pavilion, you can get a beef frank for its regular price of $3, and today only it is $2.

But its not about the $2 or $3, it's what you get for the money.  The dog is large and smokey - this is definately not a standard issue weiner.  And that's not all, the place it lovingly on a Millers Pretzel Bun and (if interested) topped with sauerkraut.  This dog was a meal all in itself.

Even for $3, this is a great value in a sea of sometimes overpriced food.  For $2 today, it is an absolute steal.

More later.

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