Day 7 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

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Not a whole lot to report today.  We were able to park 2 cars in the afternoon at $3 each, but those cars were gone by the time I got home from work.  I changed clothes quickly and left for the Brewers game.  Driving down 84th St towards the freeway, I noticed many of the lawns much closer to the Fair than ours were devoid of cars and those people were only charging $5.  I called My-Sugar-Na and told her to pack it in for the night.  Total number of cars parked to date is 78 (that rhymes.  Cool!)

I hate writing a State Fair blog and not having anything to write about.  On one hand, I guess it means that nothing is going wrong inside or outside the grounds (Side note; Since there have been no stories about it this year, is it now safe to buy my State Fair tickets from that shirtless guy outside of Walgreens?)

I do renew my complaint that I had last year around this time, though, in that our local bird cage liner doesn’t actually have any news about the Fair. How is the attendance comparing? Are there any complaints with a vendor? Are customer’s suffering heat exhaustion? Any “Dirty Dining” issues to titillate or disgust us with? Are vendors selling any hot merchandise? There’s got to be something more than grilled cheese to talk about (Side note; in the mid-1990s while I worked on game days with the Milwaukee Rampage soccer team, I was involved with a number of calls to the media requesting that someone send down a camera and reporter for some news coverage. Although usually someone from each TV station came down, a common theme was that the more people attended the event, the more natural buzz, the more coverage would ensue. With that said, an average of 75,000 people attend the Fair each day. Isn’t there something else to report on than food to talk about?)

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