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I'm tired of sweating.

This has to be the hottest - and if not the hottest, then certainly the muggiest - State Fair run in many, many years.  It wasn't that long ago (August 11, 2004, in fact), before was active and could offer the opportunity to read my various ramblings, that the My-Soon-To-Be-Sugar-Na brought her kids and mine to the Fair after work... and froze.  The high temperature was 60 degrees that day, and it was certainly NOT that warm on the grounds. 

That day was like bizzaro day... kids were griping because they had shorts on and were cold, and we went into the Expo Center to GET WARM.  Not knowing that my parents were at the Fair that same day, we ran into them as they were leaving the Expo Center and I can say that Mom was prepared for the weather.

I realize that a 55 degree evening in August is very rare, but would one night in the mid-60s be too much to ask?  One thing that a nice, cool evening might accomplish would be to temper those damn mosquitoes.  Although car parking in 2010 has been quite successful, I am not sure I am getting paid enough to deal with the skeeters.

Last week Saturday, for example, it took us one hour to fill our yard with cars, and I am not kidding if I say that I received over a dozen mosquito bites on my legs.  The problem that day is that we had just gotten back from a mosquito-free picnic, and OFFing wasn't foremost on my mind.  Then the cars came in so quickly that there was no time to spray.  This past week I've gone overboard in spraying myself down and it still hasn't been entirely effective.  Just this (Sunday) morning, I left the house at 7:00 AM to move my car from InventoryLand to a legal parking spot, and I got bit TWICE.  There are skeeters in the house, they are in the garage, they are everywhere.

At this point, I need to mention that My-Sugar-Na did get bit once this year.

You know, when I was a kid, I can remember being at some picnic or another and getting some mosquito bites.  I was talking to my Grandma James and she said that she doesn't get bitten by mosquitoes because her blood must not be as sweet as mine (Side note; I can remember some insignificant sentence from 1976, but ask me what time Mitten gets off of work today...).  I mentioned this to My-Sugar-Na the other evening, and she said that she is good with that.  If unsweetened blood keeps the bugs away, well, she is at peace with that.

(Side note completely unrelated to the State Fair; As I enter this blog on Sunday morning, I am listening to XM Radio, specifically Casey Kasem's Top 40 from August 12, 1972.  At #33 was a song in which the melody was taken from a beer commercial... Sonny & Cher singing "When You Say Love".  It didn't sound quite as powerful as listening to the University of Wisconsin Marching Band, more like listening to two hippies singing in a coffee shop for tips.  Man, was radio horrible in 1972.  This was only five years after the Summer of Love.  What the hell happened?) 

(Side note, continued;  OHMIGOSH, it just got worse.  At #29 is "Breaking Up is Hard to Do".  Not from Neil Sedaka... but from The Partridge Family!  Part of me wants to turn this train wreck off, but I can't. What could possibly be next?)

Didja notice I went nine paragraphs with the subject NOT being how well we parked cars?  That's coming to an end now!

The second Saturday of the Fair has always been very strong for home parkers, and yesterday was no exception.  My-Sugar-Na and I started around 1:00 PM, and by a little after 3:00 we had parked 13 cars at $5 each (the strategy that was not being employed by the neighbors - but was by me-  was that I was going to try to flip many of those parking spots).  Just as we were full, a car was already leaving ("It's too hot" said the cute, teenage couple from Wausau).  The neighbors had just started to emerge from their cocoons, so we undercut them a little and filled our one spot for $7.

We went in the house to relax, watch a little TV, and to start dinner.  My-Sugar-Na and I have become addicted to the ribeye steaks from Sam's Club.  They are close to two inches thick, and easily 14-16 ounces each.  Those steaks thrown on the grill with an ear of corn and some homemade twice-baked potatoes is, like, the ultimate "kids are too busy to be with Mom and Dad dinner".  My heart certainly breaks when I'm polishing off this treat.

As we are making dinner, a few more of our early parkers were leaving, but we managed to resist the urge to fill them.  All of the neighbors were at $10, and I knew that we could get that too.  But they are all closer to the Fair, so we just needed to let them to fill up, first.  We ate dinner, and then watched a little more TV (with me on My-Sugar-Na's lap so that she wouldn't succumb to temptation and fill those spots at a discount).

By 6:00 or so, we went back outside, and by the time we shut it down a little after 8:00, we had flipped nine spots at $10 each.  Over the course of the day, we parked 23 cars (for a 10-day total of 120 cars) and have far exceeded 2009's revenue.  Not that I think there is any way to do it, but we are $131 away from tying our 2008 revenue.

Once we fill that last spot, My-Sugar-Na and I will make that last trek to the Fair, have a few noshes, look at the pigs until that gets boring, then wish the Fair adieu for another 353 days.

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