Day 11 Part 1 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

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When I got up this morning and took (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official Son, Mitten, to work, I noticed that it was a bit less humid.

After posting this gem about the humidity and mosquitoes, My-Sugar-Na ambled downstairs and I let the dog outside and noticed it was way less humid.  I looked at the bright blue sky (not that crappy, humid gray sky), felt a breeze, and decided that I wanted to get to the Fair while it was so gorgeous out.  But I needed a hook to justify it... All You Can Eat pancakes at the Machine Shed.  The fact that we can get our hand stamped for later return cemented it.

At 10:00 AM, My-Sugar-Na and I headed towards 84th St and saw cars already lined up on lawns and the parkers charging $10 each.  "It's gonna be a great day" I told my wife.  When the info booth lady gave us that little coupon book and there was a $1 off coupon for the pancakes, I "See what I mean?"ed her.

I was actually quite surprised (again) that I wasn't the only person to have the idea to get there early.  On the way to the Machine Shed, we saw the booth for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough on a stick.  Was that there on Tuesday?  We were so miserable that I would bet there were a lot of things that we missed.

We get our pancakes (produced in February, I think... no amount of syrup was going to help them. However, that didn't stop me from getting seconds!) and found a seat in the shade.  Shortly after we started eating, my former cousin (and Best Man from Disaster '91) Joel the Plumber came in to get a Krispy Kreme cheeseburger.  I waved him over and we chatted for awhile. 

He was by himself and had planned the day around foods on a stick.  Then he pulled out a two-sided, 8-1/2" x 14" sheet of paper with every sticked food listed, and indicated that he got the list from the information booth.  It was way cool, as it listed the stick food, the restaurant and location on the grounds.

We said goodbye to Joel the Plumber and decided that it was too nice out to go home to start parking cars, so we walked the grounds a little.  My-Sugar-Na (who apparently liked the pancakes less than I did) decided to try the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough on a stick.  Three blobs of cookie dough, covered in caramel sauce and rolled in sprinkles.  She loved it (LOVED IT).  I had two bites.  Good, yes, but way too sweet.

Considering we made two stops at the Fair on Tuesday, we never got to see the pig races, so that was the next stop.  Replacing the horrible "Hogway Speedway" this year is the "Show-Me Swine Racers".  The two guys looking like Hillbilly Jim put on a much more enjoyable show... including cleverly looking for older, pot-bellied people to cheer on the older, Vietnamese Pot-Bellied pigs.

Stopping for a moment outside the pony rides, we saw the prices.  $5 for a pony ride.  OK, maybe a little steep, but to keep the kids happy for a couple of minutes, I can understand that.  But right under that was $5 for a picture.  That seemed pretty stupid.  Everyone over the age of 7 has a phone with a camera, I would be embarrassed to try to charge that much.  Just make the pony ride $7 (parents will still pay it to keep Dakota and Zach loving them) and be done with it.  

As we were walking out, we passed Milwaukee Mayor (and eventual loser of the Governor's race) Tom Barrett.  It was one year ago today that he tried to break up a domestic disturbance a block from my house.  Time sure does fly, doesn't it?

Returning home, it is just a touch early to try to park cars.  Lots were pretty full on 84th St, but not too much traffic has turned onto Orchard (Side note; swear to God as I typed that sentence, My-Sugar-Na had waved in three cars).  So you guys are lucky... no time for all sorts of fancy links. 

This is the best weather of the Fair.  Stop reading this and get out there.

Time for (Sponsor's Name Here) to go to work for the last time.  Any chance I can file for unemployment tomorrow?

Edited at 1:25 PM to add that the yard is full.  Let's hope we can flip some spots (which is almost unheard of on the last Sunday because of the early closing time.)

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