Trilogy: Career, Management, and the Workplace

A good portion of our lives is spent at the workplace and working at home. Globalization has taken “do more with less resources” to a new level. Using my career experiences, observations, and education, I will bring real-life scenarios of the Trilogy: Career, Management, and the Workplace to you for interactive dialogue and commenting. Work-life balance is not an easy feat. The goal of my blog is to dive into trilogy challenges we see and face as well as provide realistic approaches to move forward.

Personal Mission Statement

“I am on a mission,” is a phrase I am sure you have said or heard at one time or another. When you made the statement, did you only have one direction in mind, or were there various parts to what the “mission” may have entailed. I believe in this day and age, with the conundrum going on in our complicated lives, everyone should build a personal mission statement. 

Why do I believe in the concept?

Focus: It can help keep your center of attention on “beginning with the end in mind.*”

“You cannot accomplish a worthy end with an unworthy mean. Ends and means are absolutely inseparable.*

Reminder: It will help prompt you to keep your critical objectives and goals in the forefront of your mind and thought process.

A Roadmap: Every one of your actions / reactions to situations should be a reflection of the forward course you set for yourself. The street taken may have a bumpy ride as it gets you closer to positive results. If you put your seatbelt on and pay attention to the mile markers on the journey, you will become stronger and wiser as a result.

Victorious: If you are at a point in your life where it is time to “turn this car around” or “back up the truck,” you have just achieved your first victory! Congratulations, you know it is time for a change for the better. Victories are like a cobblestone road. There are lots of them to achieve, if you break them down into manageable loads your engine (brain) can handle.

"In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia." Author Unknown

For quite some time, especially this year, my priority has been completing my personal mission statement. When you lose four people (within six months), who had a deep-seated impact on your life, it gives rise to pondering, if you are “doing life right.” Since every person is a one-of-a-kind, how the mission is written and what is included in the statement will be exclusive to the individual.

“Envision your life first, then make it real.**”

The process I am going through is being guided by Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author of the bestseller, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” When I am able to find knowledge and fulfillment, I enjoy sharing it with others. If it helps me, it will help others.

Right now, I see human resistance to changing life, whether it is a subconscious or conscious choice. The tendency is to lean toward the path of least resistance meaning, a self pity-party is common versus using the energy to pick one’s self up by the bootstraps and initiate a plan for changing the situation and circumstances to have a more favorable outcome. The later of the two would be time well spent.

The events of our time have taken people into depths and lows even they have never thought imaginable. It is not easy to stay positive and believe everything happens for a reason. Being an optimist, I look at each step backward being a new opportunity going forward. I have accepted / embraced the responsibility to change my situation and circumstances to have a more favorable outcome. I will not take on the responsibility of allowing others to have a negative impact me, therefore eliminating the burden of worrying about the unknown.

The Roadmaphelps me pay attention to the mile markers on the journey. My seatbelt keeps me safe on the bumpy roads ahead. As I continue to write my personal mission statement, I am finding inspiration in myself by focusing on what I have accomplished in my life so far. I am “relocating” my personal drivers, which empower me to conquer my cobblestones (victories.)

I am once again finding personal peace by reflecting on why my latest, four angels had such a deep-seated impact on my life. My life has permanent impressions from their positive and strong qualities, which made our relationships special & fulfilling. They are endearing, glue-like traits I will forever share with others through my mission.

If you have an interest in pursuing a life change and need the guidance I am working with, go to

The above was written with loving thoughts and memories of GRANDmother, “Mom” Roberts, Bruce W., and Joe K. – Love you & miss you all very much.

* Stephen R. Covey   ** Rachel Snyder 

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