Viagra covered in school health plan?

Hello everyone!  Sorry it has been so long since I posted a new blog! 
Much going on during the summer and things seem pretty calm with West
Allis Schools.

Just an update on the last blog.  My daughter is STILL being harrassed by
these boys.  They have now involved my son by calling the police on him
while he was at football camp, saying he had no business on the property.
Found out the "stepdad" reads this blog and claims that I lied about pulling
my daughter out early. Interesting fact about the stepdad, he was on the
Channel 6 NEws in June for being a registered sex offender and breaking South
Milwaukee ordinances by living less than 1,000 feet from a school!
Did talk with the principal again, he says he will be helpful with this
situation if it comes up in school.  Hope all you parents read the white
yellow sheet handed out at the schools on harrassment and bullying in the
the schools!

On to something new.  This story surfaced back in the beginning of the month.
It mainly deals with an issue within MPS, but I wonder if this issue is here
in West Allis/West Milwaukee School District as well.

"Milwaukee teachers union files suit over lack of Viagra coverage".
Yes you read that right.  MPS teachers filed a lawsuit stating that the current
lack of Viagra cover is "discrimination against male employees".  The MPS plan
covers female sexual dysfunctional medicine and not having Viagra violates the Wisconsin
Fair Employment Act.  Seriously, MPS has nothing better to fight about than
the sex life of their employees?

MPS covered Viagra back in 2002, but the amount of employees using this drug brought
costs up.  According to the article, 1,002 claims were filed for sexual enhassement
drugs.  Due to this large number, when the contract was being negotiated, MPS stopped
the coverage, smart move.  However, that decision has been a battle since. Tied up in the
court system.

The article states that,"A consultant for the School Board has estimated that
reinstating the drug benefit would cost $786,000 per year - the cost to keep perhaps
a dozen first-year teachers employed."  Why is MPS not fighting to get these teachers?
Or keep the ones they laid off?

What is West Allis/West Milwaukee coverage for such drugs?  I checked into my insurance,
viagra is NOT covered, but vaginal cream is. Is that discrimination as well?  Why is it
that teachers are "special" enough to get the medicine the rest of us can not get through
our insurance plans? Why is it discrimination against males in their plan, but not the rest of us?  School employees get  lots of breaks in many areas, but not the taxpayers. I sincerely hope that the insurance
plan our employees get is a bit more fair.

Teachers are important, don't get me wrong on that, but in the end, they are people just like
us.  Yes, teachers need some benefits to show how important their jobs are, but is free
Viagra or female enhancement drugs the right extra benefit?  How about supplying them with
supplies to do their job, paper, pens, pencils, or post it notes?  I believe that MPS has better
things to fight for and the employees do also.  Fight for the kids to get what THEY need to
funciton within the school day to succeed in the "real world".

The full article can be found at:

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