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Poor Customer Service from Automobile Dealerships

 Boucher Volkswagen Promise (written on the large selection of service receipts we now "own" on our VW Jetta):  We are DIFFERENT, ORIGINAL, HONEST.  We sell cars that offer a unique combination of German Engineering, Safety, Driving Enjoyment and Value.  We are FRIENDLY and APPROACHABLE.  There is a segment of the public that admires our character.  We are different and proud of it!

The service manager at Boucher Volkwagen said we should go right ahead and contact the Media about the issues we have with his dealership and their poor customer service.  So, that's what we are doing and will do in the future.  Wonder where I would be if I used a statement like that at my work with my customers.

I'm proud of my German heritage; not of my VW Jetta.  This car has been a problem since the day we purchased it.  After numerous attempts to get one issue fixed, a recall miraculously came up that resulted in a fix - finally.  Now, another situation has arisen - we have had the car in over the past few months six times - each time they either charge us a hefty amount saying they solved the problem - they never do.  My husband has done alot of research and knows a little about cars and how they function.  He makes suggestions; tells the dealership that what they are suggesting is not the problem and why and yet they just blow him off.  We are very good at maintaining our vehicles inside/outside and mechanically as we expect to get a good amount of years out of it if we do good maintenance.  We have very low mileage - vehicle looks like new.  We cannot sell it to someone else because it isn't running right and we just don't do things like that.  We are frustrated and upset that this dealership just will NOT fix the problem and continue to ignore what we are saying to them.  

I will be writing to the Consumer Protection Agency in Wisconsin and the BBB; however, both my husband and I are frustrated at the way that consumers are treated in some instances nowadays.  If I did this with my customers at my work, I'd be in the unemployment line.

I have little faith in most attorneys as they are out for themselves and would be more of an expense that we can take on at this time.  I want to say that there are some good attorneys out there.  

I know that others have had similar problems - what's a consumer to do?  All we want is the car fixed so we can move on.  We like the car and like to drive it when it is running right.  

We've had several cars during our marriage - Toyotas, Chevys, GMCs,  Nissans, and so on - no problems.  Had a problem with a AMC many years ago and sued under the Lemon Law - won but didn't make out that well after attorney's fees reduced the settlement.  Not worth the hassles.

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