I got gas

Driving to work this morning, I see numerous gas stations with pricing for unleaded gas as high as $3.399/gallon, until I get to one of my new favorite places, Jetz on Hwy 100 & Forest Home, which had posted a cash price of $3.259/gallon.  Though I didn't need gas, per se, I did have money in my pocket and decided to pull in.  Musings are below, in the order of occurence...

  • Jetz has a rewards program (like Speedway, but different) in which you swipe your tag after paying.  (Side note; My favorite reward is a free carwash with a 30 gallon purchase in a month.  I get that one every month).  But one thing I don't like about the program is that each pump has a speaker attached that is a constant advertisement while you are pumping gas.  Today, that speaker was either not working or had the volume turned down.  "This", said I, "will be a good day".
  • As I am pumping, next to me a van pulls up, the driver gets out with the van running, and starts to pump gas.  Besides the fact that fueling into a running vehicle is a no-no, I've now got this 20-year old Ford Econoline rattling and shaking and belching out some gawdawful fumes (and making a whole lot of noise.)  I am thinking the driver left it running because it might not start up again.  But it made me wonder - why does every Econoline last about 40 years, but only run well the first two?  Have you ever seen one that idles well?
  • Another Jetz special is a 20 oz coffee and a sweet roll for $1.59 with a rewards tag.  I treat myself to this once (or twice, if I need gas during the week).  They also offer a cinnamon roll to all guests before 8:30 AM.  Because of the cinnamon roll offering, I try to get a croissant for my coffee, but on this day, they are out (again).  I grab a free cinnamon roll and also a donut with my hazelnut coffee.  But they really need to order more croissants on Fridays.
  • I am now in line to pay for my gas-n-grub, and both tellers are working with customers cashing and buying lottery tickets... and it may as well have been the same customer in each line.  They each have a stack of tickets for the cashier to check, each wins a few bucks (between $10 and $20), each make some stupid comment about "finally being a winner", then each are standing over the scratch-off display picking one of these, one of these, and one of these... and each have to dig back into their pockets because their spree went beyond their winnings.
  • My purchases came to $25.58... and I had exact change!  Yowza!
  • On my way out, I see four or five people in line at the Subway restaurant inside the building.  I know Subway has been open before 7:00 AM for a year or so, but I've never seen so many people in line.  I guess the $5 footlongs are timeless.
  • Back in my car, I look at the gas gauge and it occurs to me... I just spent my bowling league money for the night.  Good thing that little blue card in my wallet has an unlimited supply of funds (as long as I beat My-Sugar-Na to it).
  • It's Friday (Good!)
  • I am on my way to work (Bad!)

This, my friends, is my life in a nutshell. 

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