Let's make a game of it

As I continue my foray into self-promotion of my blog on this site (Side note; Notice things haven't quite been the same since he left) by appearing on the Family Feud (and I am still waiting for my cousin Emeril to tell me that we got The Postcard) I have been thinking about the phemonenon of game shows.  Then as I was surfing aimlessly the other day, I came across this article, and one click led to another and before you know it the clock on the wall said 5:00 and it was time to leave work.

But even when I got home, my mind started thinking about why game shows - especially in the 1970s and 1980s - were so popular then, but why they hold that kitch value now.  Some of them were mentioned in the linked article about Hot Potato, including this nugget...

These broadcasts were meant to be daily diversions, not lasting records of the time in which they were made, but it’s because they weren’t shooting for posterity that they retain their watchability. The games themselves are still playable by the home viewer, and the passing references to politics, popular culture, fashion trends, and sporting news make some game shows as tied to their times as a stack of old newspapers.

And though that may be a big reason for it, for me it is just waxing sentimental about the youth spent in front of the TV (I was the frontrunner of spending my summers watching TV instead of going out to play with friends).  It is that same sentimentality, by the way, that gives us Sirius XM 70s on 7 and 80s on 8, TV Land, Game Show Network and retro baseball uniforms.

But within the subject of waxing nostalgic about game shows, I've got a jumble of favorites...

Favorite theme show.

Favorite show for watching the winners go goofy.

Favorite show in which only I remember.

Favorite endgame from an "original" version.

Favorite endgame from a "glitzier" remake.

Favorite version of the syndicated nighttime version of a show.

Favorite remake of a syndicated nighttime version of a show.

Stupidest remake of a syndicated nighttime version of a show.

Very difficult game show

Dumbed down version of a great game

Host #2

Host #3

But you're saying "What about Match Game?   You can't have a blog about game shows without posting Match Game clips!"

You're right.

Sorry, that was lame

Speaking of remembering the olden days... I actually remember this one. I was visiting my Grandma James and this was on during severe weather. I remember the weatherman cutting in to tell us about the warning, and when they came back, McLean Stevenson was running the show. I finally found out what happened!

Maybe 20 years ago, my kids can remember this moment...

Sorry, that was mean. Maybe they'll remember this one.

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