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The world is right again.

The neighborhood has buzz, old people with fanny packs and sweaters are getting out of cars, teenagers skritching down the street wearing flip-flops (and four hours later they skritch back and gripe out their feet hurting).  It must be one thing.... State Fair is back!

And if the State Fair is back, then it must be Year 5 of (Sponsor's Name Here's) daily or more blogs about the happenin's, doin's and yes, the car parking in the neighborhood just southwest of the main gate. 

If you did reread last year's post, you recall the issue with people being trapped on the Sky Glider for up to three hours.  Well, sure enough, the lead story on Channel 58's 10:00 "Bleeding heart or scare people needlessly entertainment program" was another issue with the Sky Glider.  Of course, State Fair officials had shut down the ride after everybody got off the ride, but why bother with the facts when a sensational bend can lead the news?

Once again with the State Fair offering a "bring some old cans of crap from the back - WAY BACK - of your pantry and we will consider that to be a five dollar bill" promotion, it was clear from the get-go that it would be a good parking revenue day.

And so it was.  I took a half-day of vacation (double dip!) because the slave labor pool is just so not there this year, and though it took a little time to warm up, I had the first car parked a little before 3:00.  By about 6:00, I had parked my limit of 13 cars.  Shortly after going in the house, one car left but I was able to replace it almost as soon as the first car had driven off into the sunset.  Day 1 - 14 cars, and almost 10% of 2010's revenue total.

But the day wasn't just Guns and Roses.  Around 5:30, as I was doing my thing with that cool flag and my eye-contact method of drawing cars into my yard, I head a sickening thud then a scream.  About a block away, a child - perhaps six years old or so - had darted out into the road and was hit by a passing car.  Luckily, there were dozens of witnesses (between car parkers, people going to and from the Fair, and those just kind of milling about) so there was no delay in contacting the fire department and police. 

The driver stopped immediately, and though I did not actually see the impact, some witnesses were hollering at her for driving too fast considering the amount of activity in the area.  But others I talked to did say that the child ran into the street.  Not having witnessed it, I can't speak for either side, but the driver was very shaken up about it, EMS was there in a couple of minutes, and based on the lack of extreme urgency on their part, it appeared that the child should survive.  It did inject a little bit of excitement into the day.

Now, will somebody please order a day with dew points under 60?  I'd be ever-so grateful.

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