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Hmmm, seemed like something has been happening in the State Fair Park area, but I can't put my finger on it.  What could it be?

Got it!  Deep Fried Beer w/ Cheddar Cheese sauceYES.  I mean who can... (what?  That's not it?  What else could there be to talk about?  I can't lead every blog post with the number of cars that I've parked.  Oh?  I should check this link?  I see.  I suppose I could fashion a few words about that.)

Who in the f*** is so s***all stupid to think that this is an acceptable way to act?  What is the major mal-***ing-function?  What makes these f***ing morons think that any s*** they're so p***ed off about will get better by beating the s*** out of whitey?

And you know what?  They don't f***ing care.  These thugs are the center of their own universe.  They do what they want, when they want, why they want, and they don't give a frog's fat *** whose person or property they damage.  And I am so damn p***ed about this.  This is MY Fair.  This is MY neighborhood.

My-Sugar-Na had a doctor's appointment this afternoon that I attended with her, and we talked with the doctor for a moment about the race riot yesterday.  Her response? "People go to the State Fair to see cows, why beat them up?"

Look, I am a doughy, balding, middle-aged white guy whose big "dangerous" act recently was to stay at a Chicago casino until 3:00 AM the other night (getting home after 5:00 AM) and got an hour or so of sleep before getting up for work the next day.  I can't do anything about revenge or prevention.  But somebody will.  Not just the police.  Like I believe that the free market will solve its own financial problems, I feel that the free will of others will solve this.  Some day - maybe at State Fair, maybe not; maybe to one person, maybe more - one of these groups of ***holes will pick on the wrong person.  There will be a shooting (or mass shooting) or something like that.

Another comparison... remember when the USA would go to war against a government?  Now we can't do that because the bad guys are more nebulous.  Well, same thing with race riots.  They used to fight for fair housing, for better schools, better jobs, etc.  Now race riots start because it's Thursday at 11:00 PM and a white guy is driving a car.  How can the police stop it?  One way would to have a fortress-like police presence at a multitude of civic gatherings (with law enforcement paid for by....)

So picture this.  An event at Sherman Park.  As the day wears on, more and more people show up.  Then comes the police on horseback, cops on motorcycles wearing riot gear, more arriving in paddy wagons. They perimeter the park.  What are the police doing?  Protecting and serving.  Preventing a riot (there is precedence, remember this?) and before long, phone calls are made to Fat Al Sharpton and Jesse James and we'll be treated to stories about how more "things to do" would keep minority youths occupied, and how we need to give good paying jobs to kids who haven't been in a classroom since they were expelled (or bailed before the hammer dropped) during freshman year, wear their pants with their drawers hanging out and have tattoos on their necks that say BEE-OTCH.

I don't know what white society can do.  This has to be a problem that the blacks fix within themselves.  But they certainly aren't doing anything right now to bridge this racial gap that exists in Milwaukee.  The chasm only grows.

And with that backdrop, we still parked 12 cars today, for a two-day total of 26.  The number of children hit by cars in the neighborhood stands at 1.

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