Day 4 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

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I am exhausted.  I hate humid weather.  I hate the fact that the city chopped down our shade tree a couple of years ago.  I hate being a fat tub of goo that wilts in the humid sunshine.

So about the time I gave up on parking cars yesterday, I loafed around on the couch and went to bed early (I even missed - though recorded - Breaking Bad!).  I am trying to make this post from work and I've had a non-stop parade of folks in my office this morning, so this will be shorter than my standard (which, in the case of My-Sugar-Na, will be a relief).

'Twas an odd day in the car park industry.  Had no real problems filling all 13 spots by about 3:00 PM.  I went inside, watched the end of the Brewers game, and fell asleep on the couch as it started to rain about 4:00 PM.  Woke up around 5:00 PM to see my wife trying to fill spots on our yard.

I went out and took inventory, and we had four cars gone.  But I had noticed it much cooler, and less humid.  I figure there would be no problem filling those spaces.  Proves what I know.  The only neighborhood traffic was everybody leaving. 

I figure that those at the Fair on Sunday evening had the place to themselves, because by the time I gave up last night, I only had four cars still in my yard, and nobody looking for a place to park.

The James Family total for cars parked in 2011 is at 60 (which is three above last year), but revenue is down a touch.  The Monday of the Fair is usually very sparse as far as people looking to park on yards, but we'll see.

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