Day 7 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

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This is one of those "not a lot to say" days. 

So here are some quick thoughts on stuff that could have been made into paragraphs, but won't be....

  • The riots potential harm of Fair attendance - Doesn't seem to have made a negative impact.  According to this, attendance is up this year.
  • The extra security gives a bad impression - Horse hockey.  Makes people feel safer.  Expensive safety, but sometimes that is what the doctor ordered.
  • Lefty's milk barn - Don't like the placement, which is away from the other "stuff".  That is the only time of year I drink milk, and I passed on it the other day because we didn't get to that part of the Fair.
  • Weather - It was a little warm and humid the first couple of days, but wonderful all week (except for a little rain Sunday and Monday).  Other than predicted rain on Saturday, the weather should be great for the rest of the Fair, too.
  • Paying for coupon books - The free books from past years were quite useless... and most coupons weren't even coupons.  If paying for them nets better deals, than I have no problem with it.  But according to the article, it didn't appear to be a success.  I've been paying for the Entertainment Book for years, and I always save well more than it costs.
  • People having fun - Kind of a loaded topic, but I haven't seen anybody all week having a bad time.

A second discounted admission day did lead to increased neighborhood car parking opportunities, as I filled 13 spots on my yard yesterday, absolutely unheard of for a Wednesday afternoon (last year by comparison, we parked exactly two cars).  That brings a seven-day total to 92 cars and revenue is now $24 ahead of last year.

But I don't like the revenue-dehancing rain in the forecast on Saturday.  Hopefully it is early in the day and ending, or late in the day once everybody is parked.  I've got another poker trip planned in October, and I need to squeeze in every car that I can.

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