Day 9 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

2011 State Fair, Poetry, James family, State Fair, West Allis

First, a haiku...

Thirteen cars parked here

They all paid five dollars each

Nine days of CHA-CHING

Now a limerick...

There was a teenager from 'Stallis named Mitten

With his girlfriend, he was quite smitten

On a slippery freeway his brakes locked

A car right in front of him? He's focked

Now he has no car until we can figure out if it will be repaired, or if it was totalled, and if it was totalled then he waits for a check and starts the process of buying another car, and you know the funny thing?  He had just paid $150 yesterday afternoon for some preventative maintenece which is a lot for a college kid, but it did improve the car's performance for the 10 miles he drove in the middle of the night to that other car he was hittin'.

Well, I never claimed to be a poet. 

Here's one more...

Rain, rain, go away

Come back on Monday

I think this will be funnier after I get a couple hours of sleep and re-read it.

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