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I have been trying to find time to post a new blog entry, but sometimes that is in short supply.  However, as time goes on, the number of brilliant nuggets keeps increasing.

  • I love the weather this time of year.  I am not a fan of warm summer days, and though I prefer frigid days to humid ones, I'm not an advocate of those, either.  But 65, sunny with a breeze?  Wheelhouse!  Now if we could just get rid of the sun angle which is blinding when you drive into it at rush hour.
  • Last NFL season, when the Packers were 8-6 after losing to Detroit 7-3, then not having Aaron Rodgers and losing to New England, I thought there was no way that the Packers would make the playoffs.  Then when they did, I was pessimistic about each playoff game.  And then there was that 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl.  In hind sight, I absolutely hated football over that stretch and therefore didn't enjoy it.  Not this year.  In a reversal of mindset, I knew - I was absolutely certain - that New Orleans wouldn't score a tying touchdown, and I feel richly rewarded for my faith this morning.
  • Speaking of rewarded for my faith, a couple of Sundays ago, I Godfathered Mr. Uncie's and Knobbleknees' third child, Bonobo at his Christening. 
  • And you C & E Catholics out there... the words to the Confiteor, Doxology, Nicene Creed and Holy Holy are changing.  Better get to Mass while they are getting their trial runs before you go on Christmas Morning and are more lost than you usually are.
  • Have you been watching the Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network?  Kind of like a hybrid between the Amazing Race and Chopped.  I am amazed at the food that some of these food trucks can turn out with a limited budget and space, but I am starting to think it might be rigged.  To be assigned to get to Manhattan, KS and not allowed to park on the Kansas State University campus, but instead roll into a park that has 500 people waiting for them?  The contestants are allowed to use Facebook and Twitter to advertise locations, but it seems like way too many people are already at the locations in which the food trucks park.
  • One team that I am glad has been eliminated is the Seabirds.  You know how I know they were a vegan truck?  Because they used that word twice (or more) in every cutaway.  "I think vegan food will be a hit in (insert city) because the vegan community is looking for vegan options and our vegan truck will show that vegan food is Vegan-tastic and even non-vegans will enjoy the vegan options that our vegans can produce on our vegan truck."
  • Regarding Hell's Kitchen, Elise is still there.  Proof that it isn't a "reality" show, and that Lord Ratings is more important than integrity.  In a way, Hell's Kitchen is like that train wreck show The Killing... I get tired of it about 20 minutes into each episode, but I keep watching to see the result.
  • Which we didn't get from The Killing, and which I don't care if I ever do.
  • I disdain Obama-care, in favor of a free market solution.  However, I am not convinced the free market sees a problem.  Last week, My-Sugar-Na went to an Urgent Care facility and in less than one hour from the time she set foot in the building, they had examined her and suggested she go to the ER.  And when she got there, we waited in the waiting room for FOUR HOURS.  I get the triage system, but if you are at intake and see that you are running out of chairs in the waiting room, couldn't a few phone calls me made to other hospitals in the area to check on wait times, and when some are found, announce that if you can get there, other hospitals could see you sooner?
  • And while I reflect on those four long hours, I looked at the numerous sick/injured/visitors and realized that whatever the affliction, those chairs were NOT the most conducive to a four hour wait.  Think about it... I've been in bed for three days and I'm getting sicker.  Or what started as a sore back has gotten to where the pain is searing.  So to solve the problem, I need to sit in a glorified folding chair for hours on end.
  • I made a goal for this bowling season to only miss one single pin during league all season.  I bowl two leagues, at 33 weeks each, 3 games a week... that is 198 games right there, now figure I will bowl as a substitute maybe a dozen times, so add another 36 games for a total of 234 games this league season.  Unfortunately, I didn't even make it out of August.  I am perfect in two league sessions in September, though.  I have 222 games to go, and I can't miss another one.
  • I don't know (but can guess) why there is 8% to 10% unemployment.  We have had job postings on for various positions for the better part of a month, and just can't find any decent candidates.  I am looking for a clerk with minimal requirements (some purchasing experience in a manufacturing setting and some clerical experience).  The job had been posted for 28 days and we've only had 11 resumes worth even looking at.
  • There is a such thing as too many Coach bags.
  • If you are on the freeway and in the left lane, you'd better be going fast.  I've gotten into too many almost-accidents by trying to go around putterers that are clogging the left lane.  Scenic drivers have their very own lane.
  • At work, we had a luncheon to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, and we took a moment of silence.  During that time, the recurring vision that I had was of (Sponsor's Name Here)'s then 3-1/2 year old Official Daughter, Gooey, wondering why I turned off Barney to watch about That Big Fire all day.
  • But leave it to the government.  10 years later, there is still no memorial on the site.  And you trust them to create jobs?
  • Five weeks from today.
  • Six weeks from today.
  • Last week's white supremacist rally in downtown West Allis went off without a hitch (for the most part).  It would have been a lot more fun, though, if Scott Walker was holding a fund raiser at Steak House 100 concurrently.
  • Since their 22-3 streak ended on August 21st, the Brewers have followed that up with a 9-8 stretch.  Not bad by any means, but I am hoping that they didn't peak too early.  If they keep middling, then Arizona will catch them for the second best record in the National League.  That is huge, because the Phillies will play the team with the third best record while the team with the second best record will play at home against Atlanta.  Though certainly you have to beat whomever you are playing against, I would prefer they start against Atlanta and work themselves up to Philadelphia.
  • The MISL released the 2011-12 schedule for the Milwaukee Wave.  This year the MISL will contain eight teams (up from five last year).  Out of the league is Omaha, new cities are Rochester, Syracuse, Norfolk, Wichita and the Chicago team has new owners and a new name. For us indoor soccer geeks, each the season is up to 24 games.  Time for your 2011 WORLD CHAMPION MILWAUKEE WAVE to repeat.  Five championships are nice, but the Joy of Six would be even better!

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