Mardi Gras is complete

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This is not your complete trip report.  That will be in a few days after I actually complete my trip to Louisiana. However, a buddy of mine made a comment to a post I made on my Facebook page along the way that has me a little complentative.  He made a snide comment (which us guys do) to which I responded that he was jealous.  He said he wasn't, but that he was saving money. 

I considered that when driving past and took this...

At a dead standstill in traffic on Sunday evening, we considered paying $50 for parking, as it felt like we were wasting a lot of time and were worried about missing the Krewe of Baccus parade (Side note; we didn't pay $50 or miss the start of the parade, there was a garage for $20 right down the block).  Anyway, I took the photo and posted the rhetorical question on my Facebook page about is it worth ever paying $50 for parking for anything.  The few friends that commented all said that it was, as it was a vacation.

And they are right.

My first (and possibly only) Mardi Gras in New Orleans is complete. For what could be a once-in-a-lifetime thing, it was everything I hoped and expected it to be.

From the Super Krewe parade Sunday night that lasted almost three hours, to the four parades Tuesday that lasted about eight hours... From the two full bags of beads, stuffed animals and other "throws" from the parades to watching women earn their premium beads on Bourbon Street... From standing in hour long lines for fried chicken and Po' Boy Sandwiches to drinking Hurricanes that were poured from an Igloo cooler for $5 on the side of the road... It was a three day party that I'll never forget, and that I hope to get back to, and that was worth every penny I spent (including about $30 in tips for various musicians and street performers).

And before anyone comments about if I (or My-Sugar-Na) got any beads (insinuating that there was boobie-action to receive them), read this first. 

Tomorrow after Ash Wednesday Mass, we make the drive to Baton Rouge for two days. Something about some bowling tournament.

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