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Time Warner Versus WISN/WISN Versus Time Warner

 We can no longer watch our favorite news Channel - WISN, Channel 12 and ABC television shows....because we have Time Warner Cable.  We only have Basic Cable because we don't watch a lot of cable channels.  We have had Time Warner Cable for a long, long time.  I don't quite understand why WISN and Time Warner cannot work something out - since, we the customers, are the ones losing out.  I guess customers aren't important!!!???  Between what we pay AT & T for our internet service and what we pay Time Warner for a minimal amount of channels, we can say that the prices continue to increase at no additional benefit to us.  So what else is new?

In a perfect world, I'd like to cancel cable and our AT & T internet and say "take a hike".  I don't know of any other alternatives to fast internet service other than these two "customer oriented companies".  We could go to a satellite dish for TV but our condo complex doesn't allow them; the building antenna that was on our building is gone since they replaced the roofs and decided that the antenna was no longer necessary.  Not sure what other alternatives are available for us.  We could try an indoor antenna and hope that we could pull in all of the local stations with as good of reception.  

And, again, the consumer is at the mercy of the "establishments".  We are "stuck" between a rock and a hard place...............

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