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I work very hard and am attending college to obtain my degree in the Human Service field. Writing makes me feel alive and gives me the opportunity to touch those whom I would not be able to otherwise. Last but not least, I have been blessed with two amazing daughters who love me completely and support my dreams. Feel free to contact me with questions, concerns or feedback.

Took the plunge!

Within the last couple of months, I wrote a blog on weight. My weight to be exact. I had put on 10 pounds and was in a place of compliance. That was then, this is now and I will let you know what has happened since. 

Something resonated within. I read and re-read the comments under the blog. I thought about their words, briefly, to be honest. I continued my slippery slope. I gained another 5 or so pounds (notice I said or so) and avoided the subject at hand. The couch became my best friend. I began to eat, not fruits and veggies, but Oreos, chips, snacks, added an additional 1 to 3 Mountain Dews (notice to 3) and began to feel lazy. I had absolutely no motivation, nor did I really have an excuse. 

I could blame it on trials or tribulations, the world around me or people in general. I could say, “Love me or leave me” to those who know me best. Yet, despite life’s ever changing path, I decided to look in the mirror. Let me rephrase, I began to look at my face in the mirror. To heck if I was checking out the area below my neck, much less my waist. I’m sure my Gluteus Maximus had decided to vacation down south. For how long, I wondered. The hard truth finally hit. It was up to me, yes, just me, to face the truth that Laura Beyer wasn’t up to par. 

The words that struck me most were from Piper and Surenuf. Each one had words that I needed. Words that each one of us need at one time or another. 

Per Piper: Make a commitment to "get on the wagon" and lose those extra pounds because "you are worth it."  

And Surenuf: So, don't give up, what you do today will come back to you in your later years

There were other words of encouragement, much appreciated also. I took these words and the reflection staring back and said, “It’s time. I’ve done it before, I can do it again. Life isn’t going to stop, good or bad. It sure as heck is so much easier to deal when healthier than not.”

Within the past month, I rejoined the gym. I was not a happy camper. I told the gal at the front counter, “Just an FYI, I don’t want to be here.” Giggling, as if she’s heard that before, she said, “You’ll be fine, just keep coming back. Our personal trainers are very good looking.”   That’s all I had to hear. Hey, can you blame me?

I sat down with a Trainer, he asked my daily food intake. Taking a deep breath, I spoke, quietly at first, so quiet that he had to request I speak up. “A breakfast burrito, large sweet tea, banana, orange, macaroni and cheese for lunch, Oreos, a Mountain Dew, another snack after lunch, dinner is two cheese hot dogs, more Oreos and maybe one or two more Mountain Dews.” Yes, I did it; I laid it on the line. I had to. Just like Shakira, my hips, don’t lie.  

The trainer didn’t look shocked nor did he shame me. His reply, “First off, you have to give up the Oreos and Mountain Dew, that’s a no-no. You can have one Oreo, that’s it. You can have one hot dog, not two, cut out the macaroni and cheese, keep the veggies and fruit and absolutely no breakfast burrito.” While my world began to crumble, I stated, “You do realize that with each food you say no to, the floor below me is falling, one piece at a time, and the flames of hell are shooting upward, right? You understand that one push and I’m completely over the edge.” That’s exactly how it felt. By removing each item, I felt like my world was collapsing, that I would die. How would I, a girl raised on processed food, get through one hour, much less a day, week, month or lifetime?

“FINE”, I exclaimed, “I’ll do my best. I can’t promise you anything, but whatever.” He laughed, I laughed and the world seemed better. And then I went home. 

Facing processed food after making a decision to say no is tough stuff. Walking 5-10 feet to grab something quick is my idea of f-u-n. Sitting in the drive-thru while they hand you a $1.00 item is my idea of heaven. Yet, who am I kidding, obviously not my butt, hips, thighs and abdominal area. 

It’s been one month. I am now at the gym 4-5 days a week. Last Saturday, I noticed a girl, approximately 30 years old with body to die for. Feminine, toned and sexy.    She jumped up next to me on the treadmill. I spoke, not so quiet this time. “Mind loaning me your bod for a week, give or take?” We both laughed. “How do you do it”, I asked. “Whole foods, clean foods”, she responded. “Once in a while, I splurge, but now processed foods don’t have a hold over me.”   I thanked her for her time and we parted ways.

I’m doing it, for real this time. No joke. Why, you ask? Because I feel good. I am meeting others with similar goals. I have encouragement, am making new friends and attend classes. I have lost approximately 8 pounds and have another 10 to go. My goal weight is 160, but I’ll settle for 165. So much for keeping a girl’s weight sacred. 

For those of us who have struggled with weight, I say, do whatever it takes to reach your goals. I know it’s tough. I’ve been on this roller coaster my entire life. I’m sure it started in the womb. Feel free to contact me if you need direction regarding gyms, books, etc. I’ll do my best to give you the information I’ve been gifted.

To Piper, Surenuf, and everyone else who takes the time to comment and give encouragement, thank you. I owe you. Your words took hold and are paying off. I owe you! 

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