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Am I the only one that has grown completely tired of this constant heat and humidity?  You know what I am doing this afternoon?  Hunkering in my bunker and watching Once Upon a Time in America from the DVR (you know, it is Mob Week on AMC).  Watching that four hour movie should get me to dinner time.

I currently have 10 State Fair tickets.  Some purchased in advance from Potawatomi (3 for $15 and get a $10 match play), some won in a contest, and others given to me as I am a heck of a guy.

The only time I know I am going to the Fair is on Tuesday, but I could theoretically go with my wife on four other days, too.

Friday could have been one of those days.  Something, though, about 85 and humid.  I don't find that enjoyable, I find it miserable.  Today is supposed to be worse.

So from wherever the car is parked, the walk (in the sun) just TO the entrance would have be pining for the cool comfort of the Expo Center.  Three strollers-to-the-ankles later, I would be wondering why I have used an admission to go shopping (with no intent of buying anything), so I would justify going back outside to go get some food... working up yet another $7 beer to cool off (Side note; I am not blaming the beer.  Beer never tried to hurt anybody.  Beer is a good friend sometimes.  But to pay $7 each time I want to walk outside...)

Now I can hear some of you now... "Look who's talking, you could afford to sweat out some lard", "If you pack along your own celery sticks, you won't spend as much money", etc.  But do any of you remember this?  On a 92 and humid day, we spent two hours in a Red Cross shelter at a Fair.  Not my (and especially not My-Sugar-Na's) idea of a good time.

I personally don't believe that climate change is man made or can be controlled (positively or negatively by man)... glaciers have been melting for millions of years.  But I am getting tired of everything I try to do this summer depending on the roll of the dice, trying to find that one 78 degree day of the month.

I am not really a "Get Off My Lawn" type (I'll save that for Stubborn Old Man), but man I can't wait for October.

Maybe tomorrow My-Sugar-Na and I will walk down there.  It will be that 78 degree day.

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