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This idea I had about writing a blog without living three blocks from the Fair is tougher than it looks... the good news is that I will likely be going to the Fair twice on Sunday (once with My-Sugar-Na) and once with Bowlers' Pro Shop's Official Daughter, Gooey (though I am still not sure how that sounds, Joe).

As I look over the potential breakfast offerings, I am still stunned at the complete afterthought which is breakfast at the Fair.  In past years we have tried the pancakes at the Machine Shed and French toast from the Starlite (because they were out of pancakes) with disappointing results.

Since I am not an egg eater, my choices are limited.  Not knowing where to start, I Googled "wisconsin state fair breakfast" and the first hit was from the State Fair's website.  "Sweet!", said I.  Until I clicked it and saw that the promised list was just a broken link.

That's not going to stop me, so I went back to the Google results and found a JSOnline article about the 2010 Fair, but nothing else about breakfast which seemed worth reading.  So I went right to the State Fair's main page, hovered over FOOD (Side note; the Pippi Longstocking / Wendy's logo was cute the first dozen or so times I saw it.  Now it is getting repulsive) and clicked on Breakfast Items.  Bammo!  Success! 

Now, I figured out that Hoppel Poppel (at Major Goolsbys) contains eggs because it was the first item listed (and let's be honest, I am the only non-egg eater on the planet, so why cater to me?) but what's a McCohen?  I have a feeling it might be a kosher egg sandwich on a bagel.  Wish me luck!

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