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Tuesday marks the halfway point of the eleven day run.  The "It's finally Here!" mood has subsuded, the "Is it over yet?" feelins haven't begun, and other than being able to turn left this year because I live far enough away, the Fair isn't affecting me.

But do allow me a short rant about the non-existant coverage the past few days by the local fish wrapper (Side note; how much money does Summerfest pay to the Journal Sentinel?  During the Summerfest run, you can't actually find any local news because every employed reporter is covering the event with his or her angle of expertiese.)

Since the Sikh temple shootings happened on Sunday, the MJS State Fair coverage has been dropped - and to be fair, it is also being ignored by the Bleeding Heart or Scare People Needlessly Entertainment Programs, too.  As I blogged about Sunday night, being stuck in that mass of humanity at the Fair on Sunday, I was curious as to if it set an attendance record.  Failing that, there had to be lots of stories in there about how vendors were coping, how much fun kids were having, etc.  But not one word was posted on Sunday on JSOnline.

Monday was barely better, with this brilliant nugget - a video, no less - about milking a cow.  That's it.  Not even a story.  And here on Tuesday morning, I see them back on the train with 18 words.  You know what?  With news this hard hitting, let me copy/paste the entire Tuesday morning coverage...

"The state fair is a great fair. And it's still going on. Wear your best bell bottoms to hear Styx."

Well, at least Kathy Flanagan gives us a meta refereance about it still going on.  If you were trusting the MJS for coverage, you are outta luck.

Look, I get it.  The Sikh temple shootings are a big deal.  Nobody is denying it.  But it is not THAT big of a deal to exclude coverage about an event that draws an average of 90,000 people per day.  Looking at some of the MJS headlines on Monday, they did manage to include some Packers stories, a story about the upcoming Sturgis rally, and a couple of political stories... so we know there are reporters out there.

Maybe the State Fair board has to up the ante to the proper MJS execs to try to get coverage even close to that of Summerfest.

With that said, My-Sugar-Na will hit the Fair again today around 1:00 PM for our annual Crazy Grazin' Day calorie-a-thon.  If necessary, I can leave two tickets for some MJS folks.  Maybe that will entice them to file a story from West Allis.

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