Day 8 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

2012 State Fair, My-Sugar-Na, State Fair, West Allis

Brought to you by Bowlers Pro Shop.  Becuase which is more fun, watching your bowling ball going 50 feet down the lane, or watching it go 60+ feet AND hitting some pins? And if you stop by and tell Joe Cerar that you saw this blurb on my blog, he'll say "Oh, him."

Though Thursday was cloudy, rainy and cool during the day, most of the first week of the Fair had temperatures at or above 80 degrees and sunny (often with high humidity).  As My-Sugar-Na and I made our way through the animal barns the other day, I took the opportunity to interview some of the animals.

(SNH) - "Hey, Ms. Alpaca, whatcha doin?  You look happy to be here."

Alpaca - "I am doing fine, Honey.  I'm all dolled up and loving the attention."

(SNH) - "Sheep Lady! You're looking cool and comfortable"

Sheep  - "Thank you, Sir.  Newly shorn and I feel like a Fonzie Cucumber".

(SNH) - "What's up, Doc?"

Rabbit - "Knock it off with that crap.  You're so original.  It's hot and muggy in here and  I wanna go home.  Leave me alone."

(SNH) - "Little pig, little pig... Let me come in".

Pigs - "Go ahead.  We're gonna be bacon by the weekend anyway".

(SNH) - "Oh, yeah!  Finally some hot chicks!"

(Rooster) - "See the red thing on my head?  I am a rooster.  R-O-O-S-T-E-R.  Dummy.  And by the way, I am 20 feet from the rabbit and I am hotter than he is.  Why did you interview the pigs before me?"

(SNH) - "Hey, Elsie... Your barn has got to be warm."

Cow - "You would think that, but they keep the fans blowing on me and I am freezing.  I need to keep cuddling myself so I don't produce ice cream."

(SNH) - "Mr. Shark, you look dangerous.  I am glad there is a big pane of glass in between us."

Shark - "Please don't be afraid.  I long for a human touch.  I am so lonely.  Think of me as an underwater doggie.  Please love me".

Another public service by Yours Truly.  Seven animals giving you their viewpoints from the Fair... just in case you don't get a chance to get to the Fair this weekend.

Speaking of which, My-Sugar-Na and I will be making our last trip to the Fair tomorrow.  There is some food, another cream puff, a microbrew and some dueling pianos that need some attention.  Hope to see you there.

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