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The 2012 Wisconsin State Fair ended its run on Sunday, and because no riots, ride malfunctions nor deaths occurred, it passed by without even a reference by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel or any of the TV news station websites.  No blurb I could find... not even a mention that it is now concluded.

So in my constant effort to be YOUR source for Wisconsin State Fair information, I have scoured the interwebs for the following nuggets from the last few days....

  • Mitten's The First "She is the One" finally blogged yesterday about her first-ever State Fair trip from Opening Day.
  • The Wisconsin State Journal in Madison reported back on Tuesday that on Sunday, August 5th the horse barn was quarantined for a few hours because some horses presented coughing and fever, and the fear that a deadly virus was present.  No virus was found, and after about six hours, life continued as normal.
  • The website of Green Bay's radio station WTAQ posted on Thursday that on Sunday, August 5th the Fair had the single highest attendance day in the last 10 years with over 125,000 in attendance (Side note; I appear to be the only Milwaukee-area source to break such startling news.)
  • On Friday, reporter Rob Thomas, who had been eating his way through the Fair, posted his last dining adventure... a cream puff.
  • WTAQ posted on Friday that the Governor's Livestock Auction raise $10,000 more than last year, bringing in $221,000.
  • Madison was busy writing about the State Fair on Friday, as The Isthmus reported that a Stoughton pie maker dominated the pie competition this year by ribboning in three of nine events. Personally, I don't consider 33% dominating, but I didn't enter any, so.... good for him.
  • More Friday news, as posted that two 20-year-old women were honored with awards for dairy exhibition.
  • Good ol' reported on Saturday that four performers from the State Fair went to Children's Hospital to entertain children and their families.
  • Thanks to the Wisconsin AG Connection, we know from their posting this morning that Mike Matucheski won his third Grand Master Cheese Maker title last Friday.
  • And finally, Those Friends That We Can Count on from Fox 6 were kind enough to ignore the closing of our State Fair, in favor of posting a video from a stagecoach accident last night at the Indiana State Fair.  Never fear, If It Bleeds, It Leads!

And with that, (Sponsor's Name Here) concludes an 11-day, 12-post series on this year's State Fair.  To the 25 of you that read it daily, Dan Polley and I thank you, and we'll see you again on August 1, 2013.

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