Trilogy: Career, Management, and the Workplace

A good portion of our lives is spent at the workplace and working at home. Globalization has taken “do more with less resources” to a new level. Using my career experiences, observations, and education, I will bring real-life scenarios of the Trilogy: Career, Management, and the Workplace to you for interactive dialogue and commenting. Work-life balance is not an easy feat. The goal of my blog is to dive into trilogy challenges we see and face as well as provide realistic approaches to move forward.

30 Families Need You After Fire Takes Its Toll

It is the simple things in life most people take for granted. On September 10th, 30 families in St. Francis lost almost everything in a terrible fire. Though everyone was able to get out, it is only partial consolation for the memories and cherished, personal belongings lost, which cannot be replaced. I have a message to share from a very good friend of mine, Tim, a Milwaukee firefighter who knows all too well the devastation and loss brought on by fires. He has taken a leading role in organizing donations. 

"Everyone has probably heard about the apartment fire in St. Francis last week. One of our friends was one of the families, who lost most of their possessions, and some families lost everything! (over 30 families total) I am asking people to go through there households and see, if there is anything that they would like to donate to our friend and the other families!

Any household items, furniture, clothes, whatever you were thinking about getting rid of anyway. I am trying to get a list together, if people want to call, text, or facebook me with the items they have. We are trying to set this up at the St. Francis Community Center. Either dropping things off, or for larger items, I have individuals that could pick things up from people. We will have people, who lost possesions from the fire come and pick what they want to, and whatever is left will be donated to Goodwill My (Tim) number is 414-429-2491. Any questions please feel free to call me! Thanks!"

Please put your good samaritan hats on. As we are approaching fall, warmer clothes in all sizes will be needed. No donation is too small. We encourage businesses to step up to the plate, as well. Meals, gift cards, gift certificates...a little bit will go a long way in helping these families rebuild. Thank you for your support.

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