Perspective on the Packers loss

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My quick take on the legendary end of the Monday Night Packers/Seahawks game?

It should have never come to that.

Now granted, the Seahawks employ professional football players that are played handsomely to perform the same jobs that their counterparts in Green Bay do (except, objectively stated, the Packers employees are far better at their jobs). Almost all NFL crowds are loud for their home team, but those in Seattle (as well as their marketing arms) think theirs actually helps them (Side note; average NFL salary – including scrubs and those buried on the injured list – is $2.2 million. An average Seahawks ticket costs $75. I am just saying that the Seahawks might be skirting the salary cap here…) It may or may not help the players, but I think it may have gotten to the replacement referees.

70,000 people in full throat for three-and-a-half hours, and as the accumulation of bad calls started falling out of the satchel, two referees – without communicating – said “To hell with this, let’s just get out of here”. In their wake leaves the Packers under .500 after about 20% of their season, and in a position of having to do significant damage to the schedule to get a decent playoff berth – or even in the playoffs at all.

I have learned after years of watching the Milwaukee Wave and the late, great Milwaukee Rampage that lower levels of soccer get some of the worst officials that the sport has to offer. Due to the NFL’s lockout of the NFLRA, that same caliber of officials are now working at the highest level of football. Those low-level officials are there for one main reason, they aren’t very good.

So being a Milwaukee soccer fan for so long has allowed me a unique perspective on substandard officiating… DON’T PUT YOURSELF IN A POSITION TO COST YOUR TEAM THE GAME.

The Packers certainly had opportunities to not let the game come down to the last play:

  • They could have not allowed 8 sacks in the first half because Mike McCarthy apparently forgot that a competent running back got on the plane in Wisconsin.
  • Or Aaron Rodgers could have not overthrown Donald Driver and forcing a field goal opportunity.
  • Or by not attempting a two-point conversion; because if the Packers kicked the extra point to make the game 13-7, when faced with 4th down on their own 7 yard line, the Packers could have taken a safety (to make the score 13-9) and then would have taken a proper free kick from the 20 yard line and making the Seahawks drive 70 yards for a TD instead of 45.

It was a completely inexcusably blown call, but the Packers had all sorts of opportunities to NOT let it come down to that call.

See, you guys think that I waste my time following indoor soccer, but it taught me perspective!

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