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As technology develops, some of the newest and hottest stuff is obsolete before you know it.  Once of those things are those portable Tom Tom GPSs.  Geez, those seemed great at the time... you plunk in the address and it tells you how to get there.  Less accurate, but available, was information on nearest restaurants, gas stations, etc.

Within about four years, though, they've become quaint vision blockers.  Almost anyone with the aptitude for technology to have purchased a portable GPS, now has that GPS technology on a smart phone (or even better, a touch screen built into the dashboard of a new car).  No sooner than the technology became available than it became obsolete.

Similarly, the iPod is in the same category.  These days, who wants a separate device when all that same music can be on your smartphone (which you carry with you anyway)?

Well, blogging has became a lot like that.  What was - in 2007 - a neat way to babble incoherently to anyone who may find you accidentally through a search engine or buried within the bowels of the host site has now been replaced by Facebook and other social network sites.  When I first started this blog, I did some long form postings, sprinkled in with "Lightning Rounds" which included one or two sentence thoughts on a subject, or maybe just a linked article that I had a comment on.

These days, when I see an interesting article (like this) I just post it on my Facebook page and let my 150 or so friends see it and comment.  I've seen my hit-o-meter for my State Fair series, and oftentimes my Facebook page gets more hits. Add into the equation that the blogging software is quite clunky compared to Facebook and Twitter... and you can see why my blogging participation has lagged.  On the other hand, I also think that reading community blogs has become somewhat obsolete.  There are many communities which have official and non-official Facebook pages that are updated much more quickly than MyCommunityNOW's sites, and if you find a Facebook page for your community that you "like" any updates show up on your feed without any effort to find it on your part... and commenting is a breeze.

In other words, Facebook has kicked blogging's arse.  But I still have a 27" tube TV in my bedroom, I wish football uniforms had sleeves (like they used to) and think I would look good in a fedora.  All this means that I am sticking with it, but as you can tell, my posting frequency isn't what it once was.  It just makes the posts I do write even more special.

(Side note; Did I just really spend six paragraphs to say that I like Facebook and don't blog much any more?  Good golly.)  Since I've never written too much about West Allis anyway, let me entertain you with some thoughts on topics important to me...

TV -

Since a lot of my favorite shows have ended their runs (The Sopranos, Big Love, Luck, House) others with one year left before the series ends (Breaking Bad, Treme, Dexter) and some way past their primes (The Simpsons, The Killing) I have been trying to get into some new series.

I am years behind in some critically acclaimed series (Downton Abbey, Parks & Rec, Community) and it would be difficult to catch up.  Some that I've tried to watch have resulted in a yawn (Girls, Veep, Homeland [sorry, it just didn't do it for me]).

One that I am really rooting for on so many levels is Vegas (not Vega$ and not Las Vegas).  Vegas is a two-sided show set in early-60s Las Vegas.  One thread involves Stubborn Old Man, who is deputized (on the basis of his work as an MP during WWII) by the mayor when the sheriff goes missing, then promoted to sheriff when the previous one is found dead.  The other is a mob guy who runs a casino  to skim for "back home" but with visions of making Vegas a mega tourist destination... in other words, he sees 1977 (when the mob is at the height of power in Las Vegas, before they got greedy and gave the FBI everything they needed to end mob rule).

The problem is that the sheriff portion is like watching CSI but without technology.  There is no running fingerprints, no spectrometer to do whatever a spectrometer does, no computer enhancements of grainy video camera footage from 1000 ft away at night, etc.  Just boring old police work by a not-real sheriff.

On the other hand, the mob portion is fascinating.  The Commish is running the Savoy for Chicago, with dreams of an arena, convention center, etc., and wants to buy the casino across the street to expand the empire. But the Milwaukee mob (nice) wants that property and sends out a bad guy to enforce their claim.  Chicago isn't happy so the boss comes to figure out what's going on, and when he isn't happy, boss and another Chicago higher-up go to the desert to bury the Commish, but the higher-up turns coat and offs the boss of Chicago.  Except for the fact that there is never any smoking in the casinos (and that the Stardust and Sahara are on the same side of the street downtown) the period dress and ambitions of the 1960s mob is fascinating and holds the show upright.

Unfortunately, this is CBS and they need their crime procedural... and a stunning number of times the mob and sheriff go face to face.  Hopefully they can make the sheriff parts more interesting and keep this thing going.  because I've got nothing else until Mad Men start up again.

Bowling -

Except for the Junior Hall of Fame tournament (in which I blogged extensively) my season has been very disappointing.  Until a couple of weeks ago when I threw an 802 series, which came out of the clear blue.  I hadn't had an 800 series since before I blew out my elbow, and I just assumed that my days of high scores were over.  Thankfully, I still have something in me.

Tournament season is right around the corner.  Like the 2010 Packers or 2011 Giants, hopefully I am getting hot at the right time.

Milwaukee Brewers -

I am worried.  Owner Mark Attanasio must have looked at the books to see what happens when you mix a $100 million payroll with less than 3 million attendance.  The Brewers need pitching - bad - and they have hit the discount rack hard in picking up Tom Gorzelanny and Mike Gonzalez. Shawn Marcum is still out there and hasn't been rumored to be close to signing with anybody.  I think he'd be a good fit with the Brewers.  They even have a uniform ready for him.

Milwaukee Wave -

Despite starting the season 1-2, they have won their last six in a row to draw to within one game of the Baltimore Blast.  This season, the Wave is being led in scoring by rookie Luan Oliveira with 9 goals and 5 assists in 8 games played.  With the loss of forward Greg Howes (now the head coach of the team in Las Vegas), Marcio Leite (injured but now playing) and Guliano Oliviero (injured) the Wave's offense has been sluggish at times.

But, ah, the defense led by the GK tandem of Marcel Feenstra (3-1 record and allowing just over 4 goals per game) and Nick Vorberg (4-1 record and allowing about 3-1/2 goals a game) has been more than sufficient to carry the Wave.

Attendance is up, too.  Typically, the Wave attendance struggles before New Years Eve (which is a high-attendance day).  Though the average attendance of 4,181 for four games is lower than what the season average will be, it is higher than pre-NYE attendance in each of the previous five seasons.  It isn't the 8,453 that the Wave averaged in 1998-99 season, but an increase is an increase.

My funeral -

OK, I didn't die, but I was pretty sick over Thanksgiving weekend, and contemplated my funeral arrangements.  I personally don't care if I am cremated or buried (but stick the entire me underground, just in case they find a cure for what did me in), but I want - no, I demand - wailers.

Not Whalers, nor whalers or even Wailers.  But wailers.  I'd prefer big Polish women wearing black veils and beating their breasts (but I don't want to be TOO specific), "Oh, why did he have to die?!? Lord, take me now, I can't go on! Waaaaaa."

Wailers.  Thank you.

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