Our Spring Show is Upon Us -- 'IS MURDER TAX-DEDUCTIBLE?'

Published on: 1/25/2013

Well, almost. It's time to let actors know about our upcoming audition for our spring show. We are presenting "IS MURDER TAX-DEDUCTIBLE?" in April and our auditions will be held at 6:30 p.m. February 4 and 5 at West Allis Central Auditorium, 8516 West Lincoln Avenue. Auditions will consist of readings from the script and all roles are open. We need seven men and five women ages 25+.

I am especially excited because I wrote this show and am very proud that West Allis Players has decided to put my second play on the stage.

Because this is a new show, I wanted to describe the play and characters for those interested in auditioning. Briefly they are:

Show is set in the spring of 1951 in the busy accounting offices of Dett and Merring. One of the accountants is found murdered in the office in the middle of the night. 

The characters include: two accountants, a wise-cracking secretary, an unhappy ex-wife, two disgruntled clients, a sleazy landlord, a smart and brash detective, an enterprising police officer and a feisty cleaning lady. There are also three tiny parts -- a great way to begin in the theater. These are: another cleaning lady, a maintenance man and another secretary.

As you may imagine, costumes for the ex-wife and secretary should be fun to recreate. We've already found great furs for the ex-wife! Now we are on the hunt for some fedoras!

No real accents are required; however, the detective, in a nod to Film Noir, will be a little tougher and one of the men is a gangster-type with a slight New Jersey pronunciation to a few choice words.

Audience members may have noticed that ever since the wooden doll, Elmer, appeared as himself as a required prop in "ON GOLDEN POND" a few years ago, he has appeared in each one of my productions. Elmer continues his stage career in this production.

Our website www.waplayers.org will have complete details or people may contact me, Katherine Beeson, at 414-412-0643.