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I work very hard and am attending college to obtain my degree in the Human Service field. Writing makes me feel alive and gives me the opportunity to touch those whom I would not be able to otherwise. Last but not least, I have been blessed with two amazing daughters who love me completely and support my dreams. Feel free to contact me with questions, concerns or feedback.

Not a Union.....

If you've ever had the "pleasure" of working a Union job, you'll recall these words, "It's not my job." 

After working in Corporate America for 20 years, I had the displeasure of working within a Union job.  I've never heard, "It's not my job" more often than within this arena.  Unfortunately, Union employees are a protected sort and a great percentage do the bare minimum.  The others are picking up the slack for the "won'ts" and have absolutely no choice in the matter.  It's almost impossible to get rid of those who refuse to do even the bare minimum, yet it's a bit easier now that Unions, for the most part, have been disbanded. 

Moving on, in thinking about this recently, it came to light that a great percentage of marriages include the phrase, "That's not my job."  Whether it's a Union or old school mentality, individuals are living a stereo-typical 50's lifestyle.  Years ago, men went to work, women would stay home, have babies, cook, clean and fry it up in a pan.  They all live happily ever after.   

Today, despite the fact that men and women are contributing financially via employment, some individuals still continue to feel that it's a woman's job to take care of a great majority of the home and child rearing.  The, "It's not my job" rings true for many.  If a woman stays home with the children it's considered parenting while babysitting is applied towards dad doing the deed. 

The downfall of the American family didn't occur within the age of divorce, it did so when women began to leave the home to contribute financially because they believed bigger was better. 

Each one of us has a great desire to give our children what we didn't receive.  Three year olds have iPads, five year olds have cell phones, teens have unlimited access on their new iPhones while mom and dad live with a flip phone.  In a two-parent, working household, individuals are substituting time for things.  Both are feeling the pressure of having more, newer and the latest greatest.  We continue to parent out of guilt.  Yet, in turn, both are now saying, "That's not my job" and are forgoing taking care of what is most important; children, home and living the simple life.

We are suffering.  Life is tough.  One or both are struggling to achieve the same level of income 5 years prior.  The frustration of it all leads to the breakup of the family where the pressure increases because at that point parents are pitted against one another to one-up gifts, birthdays and Christmas. 

Isn't it time we begin to change our minds regarding, "That's not my job" to, "How about we do this together.  We're a team.  I'll contribute equally to the house, children and whatever else needs to be taken care of; without being asked, told or nagged for the 1,000th time.  I'm here for you, I want to contribute and I want to make our home a place each one wants to return to day after day.  I love you." 

So, yes, it's your job.  Throw your stereotypes out the window and do the dishes, watch the kids, make your bed, vacuum the floor and give your spouse a break by doing it yourself.  How about cooking dinner or preparing lunch for your spouse the next day?  Why not put an apron on and whip up a tasty treat for the family to enjoy after dinner? 

A change of mind will save your family.  It's time to put the tough guy attitude aside and do whatever it takes to ensure your children live in a home where both parents are setting a positive example as to how a household can be run equally and have fun while doing it.

Try it, I dare you.  Feel free to post your comments below.  I always enjoy hearing from you.

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