Day 1 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

Published on: 8/1/2013

Day 1 Part 1 from 2012 (includes links to all previous Day 1s)

Day 1 Part 2 from 2012

A very quick refresh for both new readers (I think Facebook and Twitter have helped me get up to an average of eight readers for each blog entry)...

My-Sugar-Na, I, and all those children moved into a house three blocks from State Fair Park during the Fair in 2006.  I started blogging each day in 2007 (though due to server changes, and, um, changes, 2007 is lost to history).  Living through six Fairs (and blogging every day for five of them) reading those past blogs is like a mini history lesson.

We've had ...

  • A dog with kennel cough
  • Sky Glider problems
  • Another Sky Glider problem the next year
  • A child hit by a car
  • Riots

This year's challenge, like last year, is that I have moved and now live about two miles from the Fair's main entrance.  I don't get to experience the buzz.  The closest we got to buzz is when one of My-Sugar-Na's friends texted her with the news that she could hear the Heart concert from her front porch (around 70th & Becher).

I watched Thursday's evening Bleeding Heart and Scare People Needlessly Entertainment Program, and there were nothing but puff pieces about the 2013 State Fair, so that's a good thing.  Watching the funny looking weatherman from Channel 58, it looks like 10 days of sunny weather in the 70s.  Can't ask for better weather for for attendance (or parking cars, for that matter).  Better to have 70s with no humidity while I am on my fat butt watching Chopped reruns, as opposed to past years when my (and my wife's) entire weight loss plan was herding in cars onto my lawn on days with temps in the upper-80s with high dew points.

My beautiful bride and I will be heading down there tomorrow with a three-pronged agenda... The Mexican Corn on the Cob from the El Jefe stand, a deep fried Snickers bar (talk about satisfying) and my first State Fair concert ever; Weird Al Yankovic (Side note; a bunch of years ago, we saw Weird Al at Potawatomi from the front row of the theater.  He threw his underpants at me.  I know, cool, right?)

If that doesn't get me involved with the buzz, I don't know what will.