Day 7 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

Published on: 8/8/2013

Day 7 from 2012 (includes links to all previous Day 7s)

The seventh day of the State Fair is always hard to blog about.  Being a week old, it is no longer "new", most everything has been said, and in a way, the Wednesday and Thursday are just placeholders as the Fair and the surrounding neighborhoods take a breather before the zanyness of the final weekend.

But as much as I have been beating up on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the local Bleeding Heart or Scare People Needlessly Entertainment Program, I should give some props to the "new media" at  Though they don't have a proper "State Fair" section (all content is in the catch-all "Summer Festival Guide"), their front page had a huge picture of the band Yes, who is playing on the race track tonight.  Under that was a big, bold "State Fair Day 8"... almost challenging you to click the link. has multiple ways to see their State Fair content... not buried like the other guys.  My hats off to them.

Teaser for tomorrow... notice anything different about the ticket-taking process?