Day 8 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

Published on: 8/9/2013

Day 8 from 2012 (includes links to all previous Day 8s)

Time to pick it up again.  The weekend is here.  Three more days, and we wrap 'er up for another season.

Let's take a ride in the Way Back Machine, shall we?

Five years ago (back with the Journal Sentinel still recognized the Fair beyond riots) a big story was how many people who had bought their tickets on the street (like in front of Walgreens or McDonalds) were denied entrance because the ticket has been previously been used.  Back then, the State Fair ticket-takers would just scan the ticket bar code and let you into the Fair.

Then the bad guys would look for discarded tickets and resell them to unsuspecting rubes.  Said rube would pay $5, think he is getting a deal, get stopped for trying to reuse a ticket, and be out $5.  State Fair's solution?  Use a Sharpie to mark over the bar code.  System worked well.  Scanned tickets could no longer be resold by the nogoodniks.

So, why isn't the Fair marking the tickets anymore?  That occured to me when I was at the Fair on Tuesday, that once our tickets were scanned upon entry, nothing more was done with them.  Then that made me think even more... I don't recall seeing too many ticket resellers at all on the street either Tuesday or last Friday when I was there.

Where did they all go?  If I missed something let me know.

Otherwise, the disapperance of ticket resellers is another big story that everybody has missed.