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I work very hard and am attending college to obtain my degree in the Human Service field. Writing makes me feel alive and gives me the opportunity to touch those whom I would not be able to otherwise. Last but not least, I have been blessed with two amazing daughters who love me completely and support my dreams. Feel free to contact me with questions, concerns or feedback.

When I grow up.....

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a ballerina.  After passing the 6' mark on the wall, everyone pretty much knew that dream wasn't to be.  I then floated through high school with a barely passing History grade of D-.   In fact, I should attempt to find Mr. Lehman of the great West Allis Central High School to thank him.  Had it not been for me standing in front of him with tears in my eyes, explaining to him that without his passing grade I would not receive my diploma, I wouldn't be where I am today.  Shaking his head as if he knew, the following weeks were excruciating.  Needless to say, I still have dreams that I am an adult high school student, carrying two babies in my arms while running to and from class.  Nightmare to say the least.

Upon my graduation from high school, I attended the downtown MATC campus for one semester. I believe out of 4 classes I receved three passing grades.  My norm was to sit in the game room, shooting darts with my fellow students.  I left after one semester with a Dart Trophy under my belt and no idea regarding what to do next.  While wandering through my 18th year, I chose to join the Army.  It was a decision I made because I no longer wanted to live at home.  Tensions were high and I needed to get out.  Although I consider it one of the best and worst decisions of my life, I served two years, got married, pregnant and we chose that I would instead receive an Honorable Discharge with a Chapter 8 Pregnancy.  Due to the fact it was during the Gulf War, if both parents stay in, you must sign a Guardian in case you're both shipped off to war.  We were not willing to take that chance. 

Years later, I knew I had the opportunity to receive my education for free through the Wisconsin G.I. Bill.  It is for any Veteran who enlisted and then returned to reside in Wisconsin.  I had lost my initial GI Bill due to only serving 24 out of 48 months so this was my best option.  I attended MATC from 2008 to 2010 and then chose to continue my education at UW-Milwaukee in 2013.  Boy am I glad I did.

I love being in school.  I am checking off one more item on my Bucket List.  Because I had given up everything, including my Military Career and education for my daughters, I now have the opportunity to do something amazing for myself.

This brings me to today.  I have an extensive resume.  From Nursing to the Milwaukee Public Museum, I am so thrilled to have been given the opportunities I have.  I am also a current volunteer for Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Services as well.  In looking back, what has made me happiest is simply helping and connecting with others in need of assistance.  Grabbing a hold of someone who needs aide getting over a hurdle or one who needs direction gives me great joy.

"What do you want to be when you grow up", they ask.  I answer this two-fold. First off, I don't plan on growing up, that's no fun.  Second, I don't simply want to have ONE degree which limits me to which type of employment I'm allowed to have.  Helping people is simply a matter of being someone who cares and is strong enough to be honest with someone when they are continuing certain behaviors which bring them unhappiness and destructcion.

That being said, I am simply taking time to make the right decision for myself.  Taking classes, becoming educated and challenged are keeping me young.  They allow me the opportunies to meet some of the most interesting people to date.  I have adopted a series of young women as my daughters from another mother.  I am happy to say I have made some amazing friends who I can count on when I am not able to make it to school. 

To me, education is a lifelong process. Helping people is a daily installment.  From a smile to a simply holding a door, you never know how the person behind you is feeling.  I plan on wearing a "Free Hugs" t-shirt to see if I can even further touch the lives of others.  Who knows, I might even write a book.  After all, it's yet another part of my life which I do exceedingly well.

How about you?  What do you want to be when you grow up? 

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