Day 3 - State Fair Blog done (Sponsor's Name Here)-style

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Saturday night at the Wisconsin State Fair, under perfect weather.  The place is packed, the neighborhoods are buzzing with local residents parking cars, selling bottle water, parking more cars, or just hanging around watching people.

But what about the businesses on Greenfield Ave or 84th St?  Is Pegasus busier because of the traffic, or less so because of the hassle to get there?  What about Mama Mia's?  Is it just for birthday parties during the State Fair term, or take out pizzas for neighborhood car parkers that are too tired at the end of the day to make dinner?

O'Connors Perfect Pint? Paulies? Tomkins?  Do people stop for a "before and after" because the beer is less expensive than inside the Fairgrounds?

I had to pick-up (Sponsor's Name Here)'s Official daughter, Gooey, after her shift this afternoon and as I slowly made my way to 84th & Greenfield, I saw some empty businesses and crowded bars.  7:00 PM and Johnny V's lot was empty and McDonalds was packed.  Just makes me wonder of West Allis business WANT the 11 day commotion of the State Fair, or if they just wished it never existed.

And when that Hampton Inn is (finally) built next to McDonalds, how does that change the dynamics.

Just food for thought on a night when I'm on the outside of the Fair looking in.

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