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In the forty years that I've lived in this house, I've seen many changes in my neighborhood, some very good, some awful. One of the main things I've experienced in those years are many different neighbors. Some of them have been pure nightmares, a few became friends and a few that have moved on, I truly do miss. However, now I've got some really wonderful neighbors. I dont want to mention any names but I will say that my grandson who lives with me calls the man "Mr. Wilson". 

I just would like to publically thank "Mr. Wilson" and his wife for being good neighbors. He does my grass cutting in the summer, snowblows for me all winter long and fixes my car when it needs some TLC. His wife and I are friends also and we share a love of homemade bread pudding. The nicest thing bout the "Wilsons" are that we try very hard not to be intrusive into each others lives. Yet we keep an eye on each others property especially when one of us is on vacation and the "Wilsons" have a key to both my house and car for emergency purposes.

Earlier this year when my beloved cat escaped the house, "Mrs. Wilson" called people down the block to have them call her if my cat was seen by anyone. Then later on when we did locate him, she travelled with me to Animal Control, the vet and held him while I did the driving. They have borrowed their large picnic table to me on several occasions and were included in my family BBQ's. Those are just a couple examples of their good neighborliness.

It doesn't take much to be a good neighbor. Just friendliness, keeping an eye out for problems and most of all, communication. Think twice before calling the police on your neighbor. Try communicating first. Now, I'm not that niaive to believe that all neighbors are willing and able to talk and settle some problems in a civilized manner. Some people always take it personal no matter how the problem is addressed. There are also those neighbors that just HAVE to know everyone's business. Then there are those that have undisciplined children. Need I say more on that subject? Sometimes the most troublesome children can be won over with a cookie or just a bit of friendliness.

In all the years I've lived here, I can honestly say that I've experienced all of the above. This is why I'm so appreciative of the "Wilsons". Kudoes to both of them.

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