Do you feel that your children are safer today than they were a month ago?

James family, My-Sugar-Na

For the last few weeks, My-Sugar-Na has been helping children get to school as a West Allis crossing guard. 

I can still remember the day, lo those many days ago, when I came home from work to see my lovely bride's face, beaming with pride.  She rushed into our foyer to show me her offical police department issued stop sign.

Since that time, she has only been hit by one car... at the intersection of 116th & Greenfield.  Does that intersection ring a bell?  It was at that intersection in April when a crossing guard and a child got hit by a car.  The crossing guard spent time in in the ICU and the boy had some facial cuts.  Luckily, the driver didn't actually hit My-Sugar-Na, however he got close enough for her to whap his car with her stop sign.

The good Lord willing, however, she won't have a heart attack and die on the job.

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