Tuesday AM update from the USBC Masters

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Everybody makes a big deal about how the USBC Masters finals will be held at Miller Park on Sunday.  But only four bowlers will be there for the finals.  What happens to the rest of the bowlers?

The format is as follows....

  • There are four squads of approximately 125 bowlers each (the final field size isn't yet known as walk-in entries are still being accepted today).  Each squad will bowl two 5-game blocks today and tomorrow.
  • On Thursday morning, the top 1/4 of the field will bowl an additional 5 games.  At that point, the 63 bowlers with the highest 15 game scores will advance into match play.  Last year's champion, Doug Kent, will also be seeded into match play.
  • On Thursday evening and all day on Friday, the remaining bowlers bowl 3-game matches in a double elimination format.  It is impossible to properly describe the format here, suffice to say that if a bowler doesn'tt lose a match, s/he won't have to face nearly as many competitors.  By Friday evening, the final four bowlers will be known.

With that said, I have been waiting in giddy anticipation of the results of the first block.  Here are some of the notable names...

  • 1st place - Chris Warren (a pro that has been on the tour for at least 15 years).  235 average for 5 games
  • 2nd place - Lennie Boresch, Jr. from Kenosha (bowled a 300 game during this block).  230.4 average
  • 3rd place - Tim Janz from Beaver Dam.  225.8 average
  • 19th place - Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, (the highest woman player, former PWBA superstar). 209.8 average
  • 38th place - Patrick Allen (made the Finals at Miller Park in 2004).  201 average
  • 41st place - Dan Nowakowski from Oak Creek.  199.6 average
  • 44th place - Chris Galovits from Racine.  199.4 average
  • 46th place - Ken Muscato (made the Finals at the US Cellular Arena in 2005).  198.8 average

There are numerous other Wisconsin residents, but their scores... well, let's say that they may be happier that they aren't mentioned here. I don't know if I will be able to post an update after the next squad.  After obeience class for Vier Pogo Squad 51, I plan on going to AMF Bowlero to watch tonight's qualifying round.  Either late tonight or early tomorrow I will post the complete first round results.

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