Tuesday PM update from the USBC Masters

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We've reached the quarter pole... half of the bowlers have bowled half of their games.  The lanes must have opened up after the first block, as many top scorers in the first block slid way down the list.  Notable names in the Top 100 include...

  • 1st place - Tom Baker (PBA veteran of over 20 years).  238.2 average
  • 5th place - Chris Warren has slid from 1st after the first block.  235 average
  • 8th place - Lennie Boresch, Jr. from Kenosha has slid from 2nd after the first block.  230.4 average
  • 11th place - Tim Janz from Beaver Dam has slid from 3rd after the first block.  225.8 average
  • 12th place - Ralph Hibbard, Jr. from Mukwonago (with whom I have known for 20 years).  225.6 average
  • 20th place - Jack Jurek (made the Finals last season at the State Fair Expo).  220.8 average
  • 23rd place - Ross Strand from Green Bay (who bowled for a couple of seasons at Bluemound Bowl).  219.4 average
  • 47th place - Del Ballard, Jr. (longtime PBA vet and husband of 51st place).  210.6 average
  • 51st place - Carolyn Dorin-Ballard (wife of 47th place).  209.8 average
  • 61st place - Mike Neau from Kenosha.  207.6 average
  • 91st place - Patrick Allen has slid from 38th place after the first block.  201.2 average
  • 92nd place - Jeff Taylor from Madison.  201 average
  • 95th place - Dave Traber (longtime PBA vet, formerly from Cedarburg).  200.2 average
  • 98th place - Nicholas Heilman from La Crosse.  199.8 average

As I mentioned earlier, I will be at AMF Bowlero by around 8:00 and I plan to watch the fourth block. 

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