The Masters field is now down to 64 for match play

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488 bowlers have now become 64, and match play begins at 4:30 CDT. 

PBA exempt player Chris Loschetter took over the high spot after 15 games with a 230.2 average.  The average needed to advance to match play was 209.2, and that 63rd spot was claimed by PJ Haggerty with a total pinfall of 3138.  To accentuate how important every pin and every spare is, two players missed that cut by two pins.  Exempt PBA player Mike Mineman from Belleville, IL, and Dan Bock from Albert Lea, MN, get to take that long drive home and think about that one bad shot that left them a split, or a 6-count in the 12th frame of any game.  Five additional players missed the cut by 5 pins or less.  Not five pins of average.  Five pins total.

So now the bowlers with the 63 highest scores and Doug Kent, last year's champion, are seeded into match play.  All of the previous scores are wiped away.  At this point, the qualifying score serves only as a basis for seeding the match play brackets.  Other than that, the scores are compeltely disregarded and the players are now head-to-head.

The format is now double-elimination, which means a player has to lose two separate three-game total pinfall matches to be out of the tournament.  It is very confusing to try to explain, however, let me give it a shot.  There will be two separate brackets from here on out.  The winner's bracket is just that.  If a player wins, they keep advancing similar to how NCAA brackets work.  However, once a player loses, they drop into the loser's bracket.  If a player keeps winning in the loser's bracket, they can still appear in the finals on Sunday, it is just a lot more work though.  A loss in the loser's bracket ends the tourament for that player.

So get out to AMF Bowlero tonight and cheer on the six local players (Derek Eoff, Chad Kloss, Lennie Boresch, Jr., Chad Maas, Scott Helm and Tim Janz) that are left in the tournament.

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