Believe it! A community that freezes spending in mid-year.

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Since I've been to Reno five times (and Reno isn't really that big) I know the city well enough to occasionally glance at the Reno Gazette Journal and read some of the local news.  For example, when the Mitzpah hotel burned down in October 2006 and killed 12 people, I knew exactly where that hotel was located.  This past summer when fires threatened Lake Tahoe's southern shore, again, I knew the affected area and now check in on the reconstruction of the area.

Today, trying to kill off the last five minutes at work, I surfed over there and read the headlines.  I was intrigued by one, titled Washoe board freezes 5% of budget spending.  I read it, because earlier in the day I had read on JSOnline that the Milwaukee County board overrode most of County Executive Scott Walker's vetoes.

So Reno can (in midyear) notice an economic downturn and - gasp! - take steps to deal with it.  As a matter of fact, the Washoe County board is going to monitor the situation BEFORE taking further action.  Near the bottom of the article, Washoe County Manager Katy Singlaub said "We've been talking about this systematically, including freezing vacancies earlier this year. This isn't a sudden shift to, 'We have to cut this money out of the budget.' We cut $11 million out of the budget last year."  Fascinating... budget cuts followed by freezing spending.  What a concept!

I forwarded the JSOnline story to Katy Singlaub, and I forwarded the Reno story to Scott Walker.  Maybe they can get together and figure out how to get Milwaukee County's board to stop raising taxes.  If it works, we'll forward the conversation to Jim Doyle, the West Allis school board, the MPS board, the Franklin school board, etc.

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