I feel obligated to post about the NFL Network not being on cable

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I kind of feel the same way about this as I do about smoking...

Smoking - I don't smoke, but I don't think there should be laws against it.  It should be up to businesses to make a business decision, understanding that the decision might affect current and future business.

NFLN/BTN - I might buy the sports tier to get the NFL Network (not too concerned about Big Ten Network), but it shouldn't be forced upon any cable company.  The cable companies should make a business decision.

This relates to all of the sob stories that I read and saw on TV about Badger fans being hosed that the November 3rd game vs. Ohio State was only on BTN - and now parlayed with the incessant whining about tomorrow's Packers v. Cowboys game only being shown on NFLN and in Milwaukee and Green Bay.  Among many fans, it appears that it should be a God-given right that the games should be available all of the time.  There certainly isn't.  It goes back to people's assumption that TV is free.  

Nonsense.  TV programming is available only because the producers and networks make money from advertising and/or rights fees for carrying the station (HBO, ESPN, etc).  The NFLN/BTN thinks they can make more money from rights fees paid by satellite and cable companies (and they get the advertising revenue, too) than they can from the major networks or other cable networks, and that is their business desicion.  Let the free economy work. (And if the NFLN/BTN think that this stand is costing too much money, then they will relent - as a business decision.)

Although I would purchase the sports tier to get NFLN, I fully support Time Warner's stance on why it isn't on the basic cable tier.  Time Warner and Comcast are making a business decision, and so is NFLN/BTN.

Money.  Money.  Money.  Without it, there would be NO games on TV.  Why act like you are supposed to watch these games?

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