Three brushes with greatness in a 42 hour span! A new record

Coffee, Dan Devine, My-Sugar-Na, Television

Thursday evening, My-Sugar-Na and I went to Potowatomi Casino to watch the Packers game in the Northern Lights theater.  We made the mistake of eating at the buffet before saving our seats, and when we got to the theater an hour before game time, all of the seats were either saved or occipied.  My-Sugar-Na and I waited for about thirty minutes until two seats opened up.  In the row directly behind us was Frank Calieno's father.  Unsolicited, he introduced himself to us as "Frank Caliendo's Dad".  I don't actually know his first name.  Clearly, he is proud of his son, and he was quite proud of the fact that the elder Caliendo had just gotten back from California and will be on an episode of Frank TV in the near future.

This morning, as I was at Stone Creek on Bluemound Road for my second $5 cup of coffee of the week (I've tried to cut down to one a week, but I needed the jolt to get going this morning).  The line was quite long, and the guy in front of me was a large, well groomed black man.  As we got closer to the register, he turned to me and said that I looked familiar.  I responded the same, and we tried to figure it out.  He asked me if I had worked in radio (I said that I didn't) and it occured to me... I was speaking with James T. Harris, who is a semi-regular panelist on Sunday Insight with Charlie Sykes (as well as being a fill in for Jeff Wagner's radio show, but I couldn't recognize a radio guy, could I?)  Mr. Harris did tip me off that there was some excitement on Sunday Insight tomorrow.  They taped the episode Friday evening, and Mr. Harris said that one particular topic had the set riled up.  He also said that they had to take a couple of takes to get the "Winners and Losers" segment done.

Later this same morning (like, two hours later), I was enjoying standing in a snowstorm watching the West Allis Christmas Parade, and a car with County Supervisor Dan Devine went past.  The parade had bunched up, and his car had stopped right in front of me.  I said something to the effect of "If you run for mayor, will you work to lower taxes" or something like that, and he responded with "Hey, you have a blog!".  By the time I was able to respond with "Thanks for reading it", he was on his way.

Frank Caliendo's Dad, James T. Harris and Dan Devine... all over the course of three days.  What a country!

I did ask My-Sugar-Na if she can handle my celebrity, after she got done rolling her eyes, she said she could.  That's my girl!

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