The NFL's lawyers have read my blog!

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In my third-ever post back in March 2007 (a brilliant post, by the way) I detailed how the NFL is vigorously defending its marks, and mentioned that the NFL had previously sent letters to Las Vegas casinos stating that the Super Bowl cannot be shown in “public on screens that, according to federal law, are larger than those 'commonly used in private homes'."

Over the past couple of years, My-Sugar-Na and I have become fond of watching Packer games (and a couple of Brewers games, too) from the Northern Lights Theater at Potowatomi.  That appears to be coming to an end with the NFL sending "cease and desist" letters to Potowatomi, the Rosebud Cinema and the Majestic Theater (of course, I am sure this didn't help).  To his credit, Don Walker (the MJS Sports Business writer) did a way better job of detailing this than I could have.  I have tried to find time for days to blog about it, but life is really got me chasing my tail. 

Walker does mention that the Fox Bay Cinema Grill once got one of these letters, challenged the league, and hasn't heard a word since.  They will be showing the game, and I will be down there this weekend, and I hope that Steve "The Homer" True can be there and to find a way to bring the cache of prizes that they normally had at Potowatomi.

But I have good news.  A major point of my blog entry from last March was that the NFL was trying to trademark the words "The Big Game" (used by many advertisers as a euphamism for the Super Bowl, which is trademarked).  As of June 25, 2007, the NFL had abandoned its trademark request.  So go ahead Bartz Display, Best Buy and Karl's Rental... advertise The Big Game on February 3rd all you want to.  Just don't show the game on a big screen in a tent.

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