Sponsorships getting out of control?

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I joined my first Fantasy Football League in 1993 (while I was working at the now-evil USBC, then called the American Bowling Congress).  One guy in the league had a wife who owned a business, and his team was named for his wife's business.  Seeing that, when asked what name I wanted, I said that I didn't have a corporate sponsor, yet, so I would take (Sponsor's Name Here).  Nobody much got it then.

Fast forward 15 years, and for a few days last winter, as a gag, I had asked the editor of the MyCommunityNOWs to change my blog name to Tomassino Italia' Presents Michael James' Blog.  It was cute and got a few comments for me, but I don't know if my blog reaches enough people for the full message to sink in.  Now, nobody notices it.

In the span of 15 years, we have gone from a society in which product placement and corporate sponsorship's happened and were a big deal, to a society that doesn't even notice that most school cafeterias get money from Coca-Cola or Pepsi to install a vending machine.

Years ago, TV shows had the corporate sponsors in the name of the show, for example, the Gillette Cavalcade of Sports.  In the '70s, TV movies were often preceded with "Hallmark Hall of Fame Presents:...". 

Remember in 1992, when the Milwaukee Brewers (along with the Montreal Expos and Detroit Tigers) put rotating advertising boards behind home plate in their stadiums?  Such was the outcry!  People were horrified because these stadiums were desecrated with this advertising.  Now, such teams with licenses to print money like the Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees also have this type of advertising.  It is so commonplace that the FOX network superimposes advertising in the studio.  At the games, you see a green screen.  On TV, however, might be an advertisement for the all-new Simpsons this weekend.  It is now expected.  Neilson even monitors that.

And stadium naming rights, don't get me started.

When will it end?  At what point will people wake up and see that the world is being overrun by advertising?  Now don't get me wrong... I am all Mr. Free Market, and I wouldn't stop MLB from selling advertising on baseball bats and home plate.  But part of that free market is the possibility of going too far and screwing up a good thing.  Americans (without the help of government) can start fighting back, if they choose, and start boycotting the companies with the offending advertising.

In researching the links, I came across this.  I don't even know what to say, but if this happened four years ago...

Until that point, my blog name - as always - is for sale to the highest bidder.

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