I'm a John Paul Dellacamera fan. Are you?

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John Paul Dellacamera is a soccer announcer.  Maybe it falls into the category of "You never forget your first", but he is the easy choice as my favorite soccer announcer.

I first came across him in the mid 1980s, when I would watch the original Major Indoor Soccer League games on ESPNDellacamera was usually working the games with Seamus Malin, and their chemistry was top notch.

When the original MISL folded in 1991, Dellacamera kind of disappeared.  I am sure he did some broadcasting somewhere, but he resurfaced when Major League Soccer formed in 1996.  I believe he was the broadcaster with the MSG Network for the New York/New Jersey MetroStars (now known as Red Bull New York - Did you read my post from earlier this week?).  But he also did some work on ESPN's MLS broadcasts.  Unfortunately, he always seemed to be on the second team.

He did broadcast some of the 2006 World Cup games, but I don't know if he was in Germany, or from a studio in Bristol, CT.

Over the past few years, ESPN's MLS broadcasts have had multiple changes to the play-by-play guy.  There has been Jack Edwards, Rob Stone (who now butchers the PBA broadcasts on ESPN), and Dave O'Brein (who does a far better job on ESPN as a baseball guy).  During this past offseason, however, ESPN and MLS got their heads out of their collective rears and assigned John Paul Dellacamera as the #1 guy on this year's broadcasts.

Dellacamera, teamed with former US National Team star John Harkes, still has that smooth voice from 25 years ago.  He knows when to raise his voice when the situation calls for it, knows the history of the players and teams and brings Harkes into the conversation when the game starts to slow down.  Harkes himself is a technician of the game, and while he may talk over the heads of the "common Joe" watching the game, in reality there aren't any "common Joe's" watching soccer on a Thursday night, so it works out fine.

So the next time you find yourself watching ESPN2 on a Thursday night, take in and enjoy the sounds of a classy, professional play-by-play guy.

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