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Aimless, middle-of-the-night surfing has led me to some classic broadcast NFL openings.

First, I found an early-70s opening to ABC Monday Night Football (warning, only watch this if tripping on acid).

Next is the late-70s opening to CBS NFL Today.  This is from right about the time I started watching football.

Then I found an early-80s CBS "NFL Today".  More hi-techhie, no?

Later in the 80s, ABC's Monday Night Football opening looked like this.

In the early 90s, ABC produced the ultimate opening for their 25th season. 

Unfortunatly in the 15 or so years since this, ABC (and now ESPN) has bastardized this to where it is almost unrecognizable.  Overproduced, too many sounds, words that sound made-up along the way all helped to screw up a good thing.

Bed time.  Catch ya later for MLB and NBA openings!

(Side note:  I can't help it.  "You'll see the best in basketball, when you watch the NBA... when you watch the NBA on CBS!"  I started singing it in my head before I even found the clip.  Now I am going to be humming it in my head, and I'll never get to sleep!)

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